Snow Dragon in Secret of Mana.

Snow Dragon is an Enemy in Secret of Mana.


Stats Value
HP 2800
MP 99
Type Dragon


Rewards Value
EXP 26588
GP 18360
  • Drops
    • Bow Orb

Fighting the Snow Dragon[edit]

  • In this fairly large clearing, you will encounter the second boss, the Snow Dragon.
  • It can cast Balloon Ring, hitting a few nearby party members with Balloon
  • It can cast Breath Wing, knocking away any party members nearby its dangling tail.
  • It can cast Freeze Breath, Snowmanning anyone nearby the dragon if the attack hits.
  • The Dragon can be hit on its dangling tail when it is hovering.
  • It is weak to Salamando.
  • Use the Dragon Lance with Randi, or equip the party with the ranged weapons: Bow, Javelin, or the Boomerang.
  • Cast Flame Saber on your weapons to up what damage they can do.
  • It is recommended to focus more on using Magic because of the small target the dragon presents to weapons.
  • If you use the Bow or Javelin, they will automatically aim upwards toward the main body of the dragon.
  • The dragon is very mobile throughout the fight, so keep on the move to keep up with it.
  • Defeating the Dragon will grant you a Bow Orb.


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