Spikey Tiger in Secret of Mana.

Spikey Tiger is an Enemy in Secret of Mana.


Stats Value
HP 520
MP 21
Type Animal
  • Bounces about with its spikes, spinning rapidly.
  • Can be hit while spin dashing.
  • It will also jump up onto either platform on the side of the walkway.
  • You will need move around to avoid most its attacks and reach it on the platforms.
  • Just wait for it to jump back into the middle section.
  • When the Spikey Tiger jumps back there, attack it with everything.
  • On the platforms off to the side, a long weapon like the Spear can reach it.
  • You can also hit it with ranged weapons.


Rewards Value
EXP 210
GP 288
  • Drops
    • Boomerang Orb


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