The Cave of the White Dragon is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


King Truffle, the young leader of Matango, tells Randi what he knows abotu the Mana legend and informs the party of a white dragon that lives in the nearby cave.

Recommended levels[edit]

  • Party: 22-24
  • All Magic: Lv. 3
  • Weapons: Most 2-3
    • Sword Lv. 3


Entering the Cave[edit]

  • Having talked with King Truffle and upgraded your Javelin to Lv. 3, it is time to head out behind the castle and begin the search for the White Dragon.
  • Head to the East of Watts and take the Southern exit to leave the Castle.
  • Going to the North in this section of the Castle leads to the Inn (saving is recommended).
  • Once outside the Castle via the small hut adjacent to it, head to the North and into the nearby cave.
  • The entrance of the cave looks more like an outside area.
  • Here, you will need to fight your way up to the Central Northern doorway.
  • Immediately nearby you is a Water Bandit and Steamed Crab.
  • Making your way North, you will encounter a few additional Steamed Crabs nearby the mushrooms blocking the way through the middle of the area.
  • On the other side of the mushrooms will be another Steamed Crab, and Water Bandit.
  • As you approach the entrance of the cave proper, you will encounter a trio of Crawlers.
  • Defeat them and head inside the cave.

Navigating the Cave of the White Dragon[edit]

  • Just inside the cave, head over to the left.
  • You will almost immediately encounter a Pebbler, and not far past them, a Kimono Bird.
  • Follow the path to the North to press on through the first section of the cave.
  • Going along the walkway to the East, you will encounter another Kimono Bird.
  • Defeat them quickly to avoid lots of Pebblers being summoned.
  • This can summon in a Nemesis Owl from nearby, so be on guard for it if you defeat the Kimono Bird.
  • You will reach set of stairs with a pair of Nemesis Owls nearby them.
  • Go on up the stairs and over to the East, following the path South.
  • Equip a party member with the Whip.
  • Use the Whip to cross the gap blocking your way along the path.
  • Head West, down the stairs, fight on through the Pebbler and Kimono Bird.
  • Take the nearby stairwell down to the next level of the cave.
  • Here, you will encounter another Kimono Bird and have another gap to cross using your Backhand Whip.
  • Across this gap, you can either head down the stairs to the South immediately to continue or go over to the Eastern area and fight a pair of Water Bandits.
  • Going down the stairs will lead you to a path arching to the North.
  • Pebblers and a pair of Kimono Birds are found nearby.
  • Take the stairs to the North of the Stalagmite and the stairs you just came down.
  • To the West of the stairs you arrive on, you will find 2 Nemesis Owls (spread apart) and a Kimono Bird.
  • Continue to the West and down the stairs to continue forward.
  • Down the stairs head West and loop around the Rocks to the North and over to the East.
  • Expect to encounter at least 3 Nemesis Owls as you head for the next set of stairs in the Northeastern corner of the area.
  • At the top of the stairs, as you head West, expect to encounter a few Pebblers.
  • Following the path will lead to an Elemental Crystal.
  • Bring over both Primm and Popoi if you want to progress forward.
  • If you use Analyze with Primm you will learn the Elemental Crystal will break if hit with Gnome magic.
  • BE SURE that both Primm and Popoi nearby the crystal to ensure it will trigger properly.
  • Strike the crystal with either Gem Missile or Earth Slide to trigger it.
  • You will be notified you heard rock rumbling nearby.
  • Go back down the stairs to the previous room.
  • The rocks blocking across the middle of the room will have vanished, just leaving a few Stalagmites.
  • Go past where the rocks where and head through the central Southern exit in this room.
  • At the base of the stairs you will encounter a Kimono Bird.
  • Defeat it quickly and head over to the West, where another Kimono Bird awaits.
  • Go through the opening sitting in the Northern wall in the Western portion.
  • This will lead into a large room with numerous barrier mushrooms inside it.
  • It is time for the boss fight with Great Viper.

Fighting Great Viper[edit]

  • The Great Viper will slither onto the battlefield from the trees ringing the arena.
  • This is a very fast foe who will constantly be moving around the arena.
  • If this Snake hits a party member with its bite attack, they will be Pygmized.
  • These characters need to be especially careful since the Great Viper can eat them, doing massive damage in the process.
  • Use Remedy and Medical Herbs on anyone who gets Pygmized during the fight immediately.
  • Any time the Great Viper is in the middle of the arena, it will be easy to hit with your weapons.
  • Otherwise, take aim on it with your Sylphid magic to do heavy damage.
  • Avoid standing in the way of the snake as it moves around the area.

Saving the baby white dragon[edit]

  • Head to the North after the fight and into the final section of the cave.
  • Go over to the East and then South.
  • Use your Stout Axe to break through the Stalagmites on the ground blocking your path.
  • Continue along the path to the South and follow its bend to the North.
  • Through the next doorway is a large, sunlit chamber.
  • Approach and interact the small dragon in the middle of the room to complete this part of the story.

Next Quest[edit]

The Kakkara Desert

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Cave of the White Dragon Video Walkthrough

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