The Emperor's Offer is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


Primm is attacked in the ruins by none other than a brainwashed Dyluck. Thanatos takes him away again, and the party heads back to the resistance's base in Northtown to regroup.

The emperor sends the resistance an offer of peace. Doubting its validity, Randi and his friends head to the Imperial Palace.

Geshtar tries to eliminate the party, but King Truffle manages to help them escape with the help of Flammie just in the nick of time. Randi and the others head to the southwest of the empire to regroup in Matango.


Entering the Castle[edit]

  • Having left the Northtown Ruins, you will want to head back to Northtown.
  • Return to the Cafe where the Resistance has their base.
  • Talking with them, you will learn that the Emperor has offered to disband their army.
  • Krissie and some of the other members say they will go on ahead.
  • Krissie will ask Randi, Primm and Popoi to follow them into the Castle.
  • Head out of the Cafe and then go to the North along the Western side of town.
  • This will lead you directly to the Emperor's Castle.
  • There is only one path available, go through the main door on your approach.
  • Go through each of the unblocked passages to eventually make your way to a meeting room where you will meet the Emperor.
  • Go to the Northern end of the room and talk with the Emperor.
  • The party will then be taken to the dungeon.

Escaping the Cell[edit]

  • Go to the bars and attempt to talk with the guard
  • Talking with the guard will have them open the bars to pull out the party.
  • They are then thrown into a battle with the Metal Mantis.

Fighting Metal Mantis[edit]

  • You will immediately be in conflict with the Metal Mantis.
  • Immediately start casting attack spells.
  • Use Air Blast or Thunderbolt to do heavy damage against the Mantis.
  • Have Primm enchant your weapons with the Thunder Saber.
  • Always aim to hit the back of the thorax on the Mantis.
  • The AI party members will do a good job of distracting the Mantis, causing it to block and defend against those attacks.
  • Just keep a moderately aggressive assault on the Mantis.
  • Keep to light magic usage here, there is a lot yet to come in this dungeon.
  • Defeating the Mantis will get the party the Gloves Orb.

Escaping the Emperor's Castle[edit]

  • You will want to step on the tile in the middle of the arena you were just fighting in.
  • Go over to the West, stepping onto the spring to get launched across the small gap.
  • Head South, down the stairs, and follow the passage to the North.
  • Go up the stairs on the right.
  • This will lead to a chest with 1,000 gp inside it.
  • Turn to the left and through the doorway there.
  • You are now in a small room with 3 Embermen inside it.
  • Much like the drops, these can self-replicate, so be careful fighting them.
  • If you need to kill them quickly, use Freeze to do heavy damage.
  • Head to the North to continue forward.
  • Go to the West, you can step on the switch nearby the prison cell you were in.
  • This will release the Resistance Leader, Krissie.
  • Continue over to the West then follow the passage to the North.
  • The next room has a pair of Embermen who are ready to attack the party.
  • Head through the Southwestern door to continue onward.
  • This will bring you back to the outside of the castle.
  • Just outside the door you will encounter 2 Armored Men waiting to ambush you.
  • Go down the stairs and over to the East.
  • Be careful because there are 3 more Armored Men are guarding the main entrance of the castle.
  • Continue over to the East and take the stairs there upward.
  • Once again, you will encounter 2 Armored Men guarding the door back inside.
  • Inside the room you just entered, you will encounter a trio of Armored Men.
  • Be careful because they can drop a Mimic Box.
  • Step on the floor switch to raise the bars blocking your passage Northward.
  • Go North and through the door in the top Northern portion of the room.
  • This will bring you into a small room with 3 Armored Men and 2 chests.
  • In those chests you will find an Axe Orb on the left and a Whip Orb on the right.
  • Head back to the South, back outside.
  • Go to the main entrance with the 3 Armored Men in front of it.
  • Head inside the castle after that.
  • Just inside this castle, you will encounter a pair of Armored Men to fight or either run up the nearby stairs.
  • On those stairs you will encounter a Dark Ninja.
  • Be wary of the Ninja since they can become invisible to move around.
  • Go West and take the stairs upwards.
  • In the next room, head over to the West and then follow the passage to the South and out the door.
  • Be wary of the Armored Man nearby the door.
  • Just outside, go into the door to the East.
  • In this room you will find 2 Dark Ninjas ready to defend it.
  • In the very back of the room you will find a Mystic Book and a floor switch.
  • Defeat the Book and then step on the switch to reveal a door in the wall just above you.
  • Head on through the newly revealed door.
  • Go over to the West in the new room, fighting against a Dark Ninja.
  • Go up the stairs to the North from there.
  • In the narrow corridor you enter into has 2 Armored Men.
  • Go to the East and make your way to the North and West.
  • There are more Armored Men throughout the area.
  • Head North and into the next room.
  • Immediately you will encounter a Dark Ninja,defeat it and head over to the East.
  • Follow the passage to the left and up.
  • You will encounter another Dark Ninja in your way.
  • Step on the tiles to the West from here to get teleported to a different part of the room.
  • Go to the North and around the corner.
  • You will encounter another Dark Ninja and more tiles.
  • Go and step on the tiles to find the passage forward.
  • Head to the North from there and through double-doors in front of you.
  • This will bring you into the Throne room with the Emperor and Geshtar.
  • Geshtar will be given another chance to prove himself to the Emperor.

Fighting Mech Rider 2[edit]

  • This will bring you into the second fight with the Mech Rider.
  • You will immediately need to deal with the Mech Rider, which likely starts on the Eastern end of the walkway you are on.
  • It will frequently cast Speed Up on itself.
  • You can use Slow Down to counter that spell and keep the Mech Rider easy to hit.
  • Just like the previous encounter, it will fire off Missiles at those party members nearby.
  • The Rider can also charge around and knock out anyone who gets in front of it.
  • Frequently use your attack magic to get some high damage in on the Rider.
  • Watch your party's health because of the damage the Rider can do with its ram or missiles.
  • It does have a new attack: Wave Beam.
  • This attack covers most of the area when used.
  • Take your time with the fight and you will find victory.

The journey to Matango[edit]

  • Geshtar will have his mech explode, causing the castle to start collapsing.
  • A short cutscene runs with King Truffle who arrives on Flammie.
  • He will present the drum that Flammie loves to the party and tells them what way to go to.
  • Matango is found nearby, to the Southwest from you fly up to.
  • Travel to the Southwest and land in Matango.
  • Once there, go up to the entrance of the Castle and talk with King Truffle.
  • He will tell that you will want to head to the Southwest and go to the Lofty Mountains to meet Sage Joch.

Next Quest[edit]

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The Emperor's Offer

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