The Fire Palace is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


Now safely back in Kakkara, the party asks around in town to learn more about where to head next.


Reaching the Fire Palace[edit]

  • Head to the South out of the Ice Palace and through the frozen over Paradise Village.
  • You will reach the Crystal Forest after that, go to the East and through the walkway you find there.
  • Continue to the East through the Crystal Forest, ignoring enemies, and over to the Cannon Travel Station.
  • Talk with the Cannon Man and travel to Kakkara.
  • Head to the South from the Village across the first section of the Kakkara Desert.
  • On the second screen, as you head to the West, you will find a Mad Mallard.
  • The next screen has more Spider Legs and more Mad Mallards.
  • Turn to the North and head onto the next screen.
  • This area has Sand Stingers that will be after you.
  • Carefully approach the stairs to the East.
  • There is a Spider Legs hiding at the base of them.
  • Go up the stairs and over to the West before turning North to go between the pillars.
  • Run through this narrow canyon.
  • Be aware there are 2 Robin Foots on an elevated portion you would want to defeat with your Bow or Javelins.
  • Go on through the doorway in front of you and into the Fire Palace itself.

The Fire Palace[edit]

  • Inside the Fire Palace, you are immediately under attack by 2 Robin Feet.
  • Head over to the left and into the doorway you find there after you deal with one or both of the Robin Feet.
  • Follow the walkway around to the set of stairs at the end of it.
  • You can either fight or ignore the Robin Feet in this room.
  • This leads to a room with magma and fierce flames filling the area.
  • There are also 2 Dark Funks in this room, one on each side.
  • Going over to the right, you will find a Crystal Orb on the ground.
  • A quick scan reveals that Salamando magic will work to break the orb and reveal the path forward.
  • Use it and watch as the magma settles.
  • Go up the stairs in the top right.
  • On the next floor, go to the middle, defeat at least 1 of the Red Drops then head over to the far left.
  • There is an opening leading downward on this side, go through it.
  • Head over to the left and follow the walkway down.
  • Deal with the Robin Foot on your way.
  • At the end of the walkway you will find a chest with 1000 GP inside it.
  • Head back to the right and out the same door you came in.
  • Go to the middle of the room with the Red Drops and take the stairs there up to continue.
  • In this room, you will find another Crystal Orb and a Robin Foot.
  • Defeat the Robin foot to make things easier.
  • After that, scanning the Crystal Orb with Analyze, it will be revealed to be vulnerable to Salamando.
  • This will reveal a walkway, allowing you to continue down.
  • Head over to the right, stopping at the walkway going upwards.
  • It is guarded by 3 Robin Feet, who you can either evade or fight.
  • Start by going upwards along the fire-lined walkway to reach a small room.
  • Inside the room is a chest with another 1000 GP inside it.
  • Collect it, go out of this room and back down the walkway you crossed.
  • Head over to the right and go up the stairs there.
  • Go left and over to the end of the hallway you are in, ignoring the Southern passage below you.
  • Deal with the Dark Funk and head down the stairs on the far left side of the room.
  • Go left, and navigate upwards through the narrow passages blocked by fire.
  • At the far end of this room you will find a chest with an Axe Orb inside.
  • Head back to the stairs and up them.
  • Go right and then follow the passage downward.
  • A Mad Mallard awaits along with another Dark Funk.
  • To the left and right, you will see a Mad Mallard and a Red Drop.
  • Going down through this passage, you will encounter another Mad Mallard.
  • Turn left and then make your way upwards.
  • Take the stairs downward to continue forward.
  • Head down and over to the right, follow the passage in front of you.
  • You will find a Red Drop waiting for you as you turn upwards.
  • Just a little farther up you will find a Dark Funk.
  • Continue around to the far side of this large circle and head downward.
  • From there, go over to the right and upwards, continually following the passage in front of you.
  • As you turn back to the right, you encounter another Robin Foot.
  • Turn downward as soon as you can, taking the stairs.
  • At the base of the stairs, head up the narrow stairs on the left.
  • On the raised platform, you will find a floor switch and 2 Robin Feet.
  • Step on the switch and then head down and to the right.
  • Go on up the stairs on the right-hand side of the room.
  • Take the stairs on the right-hand side of the room and equip the Whip.
  • Use the Whip to cross the short gap to the far side of it.
  • Head down the stairs on the far side and then through the stairs upwards past the Robin Foot.
  • Head to the left at the top of the stairs you appear at.
  • A Red Drop is found in this section you can avoid.
  • Take the stairs on the left-hand side, by the brazier, up.
  • Here, go forward and step onto the floor switch in front of you.
  • The braziers around the room will light and a crystal orb will appear on top of the raised platform in front of you.
  • A quick scan of the crystal reveals it needs to be hit with Undine's magic.
  • Hit it with any spell to cause a change in the room.
  • All the braziers will go out save 1 pair.
  • Run between the pair of lit braziers to trigger another change in the room.
  • This will cause a staircase to rise up from the middle of the room.
  • Head over to it and go on up the stairs.
  • Go forward and you will engage with the boss here, the Minotaur.

Fighting the Minotaur[edit]

  • Against the Minotaur, a quick scan will reveal it is weak to Sylphid magic.
  • You will want to cast Thunder Saber on the party after that to augment the weapons appropriately.
  • It's main attack initially will be to use its extending horns to try and gore party members.
  • It can also pick up and throw anyone is who in front of it, and slam them, knocking them unconcious. This can interrupt spell casting.
  • Expect it to throw some punches as well.
  • When reduced to 50% or less health, it will change colors, getting a red tint.
  • it will take significantly less physical damage from melee attacks augmented with magic, and be immune to normal melee attacks.
  • Instead you will need to finish the Minotaur with magic.
  • It will also start bull rushing around the room, trying to run over party members.
  • Be on guard for it to be coming after everyone charging with its horns extended.
  • Defeating this boss will net the party a Javelin Orb.

Restoring the Mana Seed[edit]

  • Head up into the next room, and the party will restore the seed to its proper place.
  • Go on up the stairs and interact with the seed to synchronize with it.
  • After that, head out of the Temple, either using the Magic Rope or just running back outside.

Next Quest[edit]

To Kakkara Village and the Empire

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Fire Palace Video Walkthrough

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