The Golden Isle is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


Jehk tells the party that Joch has left for Gold Isle, a circular island to the northeast of the Lofty Mountains. Randi follows after him.

Joch is not on Gold Isle, but the island does have the Golden Tower, also known as the Light Palace. However, the key was stolen by a republic spy who was caught and punished. Randi and his friends head to Southtown to look for leads.


The Golden Isle[edit]

  • The Golden Isle is found to the Northeast of the Lofty Mountains.
  • Travel to and land in the Gold City.
  • While here, you will want to travel to the Item store to upgrade your equipment, if you have not already visited this location.
  • The Item Shop is found in the Northwestern corner of the city.
  • While here, buy 3 Lazuli Vambrace, 3 Battle Suits, 2 Duck Helms, and 1 Dragon Helm.
  • You can find Watts in the Southern portion of the city, on the Western side.
  • Upgrade what weapons you can in preparation for the coming Palace.
  • Going North a screen to the entrance of the the Gold Tower will reveal that the door is locked.
  • Talking with King Mammon in the Inn (on the top floor) found in the Northeastern portion of town is a dead end.
  • If you go along the walkway that circles the city, you will learn a spy had stolen the key that gives access to the Tower.
  • This might sound a little familiar, time to head back to Southtown.


  • With this knowledge in hand, head to the East.
  • You will find your way to Southtown.
  • It is found Southeast from Northtown.
  • Once in Southtown, head to the Northwestern corner.
  • There you will find Mara in her house.
  • Talking with her again will net the party the key into the the Gold Tower.
  • It is time to head back to the Gold City.

Next Quest[edit]

The Golden Tower

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Golden Isle Video Walkthrough

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