The Golden Tower is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


Randi gets the key to the Golden Tower from Mara, the widow. The party then returns to Gold Isle to enter the Light Palace.


Inside the Light Palace[edit]

  • With the key obtained from Mara in Southtown, it is time to return to the Gold Isle.
  • Head back to the West and land in front of the Golden Tower.
  • With the key in your possession, you can enter the Palace of Light.
  • Immediately you will see a chest and 2 Beast Zombie.
  • The chest has a Spear Orb inside it.
  • Go to the North to continue forward through the Tower.
  • This next section has a Dark Ninja that you can fight.
  • Head to the East and turn South after that.
  • Along the way you will encounter a Wizard Eye and the Weepy Eyes it can summon, plus another Dark Ninja.
  • Loop around the corner to the West and take the stairs in the center of the room upwards.
  • This stairwell is guarded by a Beast Zombie.
  • The stairs leads to the first of 2 boss fights in this palace.

Fighting the Blue Spike[edit]

  • Blue Spike will come crashing down in the middle of the room, attacking the party.
  • Cast Analyze to learn the HP/MP and Weakness of Blue Spike.
  • The Blue Spike will jump up onto either of the pillars on the sides of the arena.
  • While on the floor, it can ball itself up and bounce around in a small area, doing heavy damage to everyone around it.
  • Will attempt to jump into the air and then land on party members who are nearby its landing zones.
  • Use your Bow, Javelin, or other ranged weapons to hit the boss.
  • Use Flame Saber on the whole party to increase their damage against Blue Spike.
  • After that, use Fireball, Exploder, Blaze Wall or Fire Bouquet to do damage.
  • Favor magic over physical attacks while the Blue Spike is on the platforms.
  • It can also regenerate its head once, so this is a long fight, with essentially a 4000 HP boss.
  • Defeating this boss will give the party an orb: Boomerang

Going higher in the Tower[edit]

  • After the fight, a stairwell will rise up from the middle of the room.
  • Take the stairs up to move to the next room.
  • In this room, just to your right you will find a Chest.
  • Go and open this chest to get an Axe Orb.
  • Open the door to the North of you and enter the next section of this room.
  • Here you will encounter another Beast Zombie and Dark Ninja, then another Beast Zombie.
  • Follow the path to the South.
  • In this section you will encounter a Emberman.
  • Defeat it and take the nearby stairs upwards.
  • This will bring you into the second Boss fight.

Fighting the Gorgon Bull[edit]

  • Immediately the Gorgon Bull will be charging at the party from its starting position.
  • It can extend and attack with its horns.
  • Will frequently use Earth Slide.
  • When reduced to 50% or less, it will extend claws from its gauntlets.
  • These claws boost the melee damage the bull does.
  • If the party does not have the Battle Suit equipped, this can be a deadly fight.
  • Cast Thunder Saber as soon as you can on the party to increase all melee damage.
  • Watch all member's HP carefully, using either magic or items to restore it when low.
  • Have Popoi casting Air Blast frequently.
  • Victory will net the party a Bow Orb.

The Mana Seed[edit]

  • Go forward and take the stairs that have appeared upwards.
  • This will bring you to the room with the Mana Seed.
  • Head up the middle of the room and go to the base of the stairs.
  • There the party will meet Lumina.
  • Talking with the Mana Spirit will have the party gain its powers for Primm.
  • Go on up the stairs and touch the mana seed to synchronize with it.
  • Once again, it is time to return to the Lofty Mountains and attempt to reach Sage Joch.

Next Quest[edit]

Missing Sage Joch

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Golden Tower Video Walkthrough

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