The Grand Palace is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).
The Grand Palace is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


"Unable to stop Vandole from raising the Mana Fortress, the party heads further into the ruins to block the emperor and his underling Fanha."

"Imperial General Fanha betrayed the emperor in order to serve Thanatos instead. However, Thanatos leaves her to make his way further into the palace. Randi gives chase in order to stop the true villain, Thanatos."


Get into the Grand Palace[edit]

  • With the Scorpion Army defeated, it is time to make your way into the temple itself.
  • You are automatically taken outside.
  • Go to the Northwest, fighting past the Steelpions.
  • Make your way to the area between the 2 stair cases.
  • Be at least aware of the Dinofish sitting in the pond.
  • You will see a new doorway there that you can head through.
  • Guarding it is a Dark Knight.

The Grand Palace[edit]

Undine and Gnome - Section 1[edit]

  • This is a large Palace, with a number of rooms that will need to be explored.
  • Inside this first chamber you will encounter a pair of Heck Hounds and on the stairs, Turtlance.
  • Start by going through the door on the lowest level here.
  • Inside this chamber you will find 3 Gremlins to deal with. Be sure to kill at least 1 to add it.
  • Go over to the right to begin the process with the Crystals.
  • In this chamber, you will encounter 2 Doom Swords and a National Scar.
  • Defeat the enemies and then use Analyze on the Crystal.
  • Can an attack Undine spell on the crystal to break it and open up the first part of the path onwards.
  • Go back into the previous room and head over to the left-hand side, past the stairs you came up.
  • Once again, in this room, you will encounter 2 Doom Swords and 1 National Scar.
  • Defeat them and head over to the crystal.
  • Use Analyze on the crystal to learn that you need to use Gnome magic.
  • Use the magic to clear the path into the next section of the Palace.
  • Go back down the stairs in the central room, then head back to the entrance room.
  • In the entry way, go up either set of stairs, facing off against the Turtlance on the stairs and the Gremlin at the top of them.
  • This set of enemies is found on both sides of the entry way room.
  • Take the stairs on the upper landing to proceed forward.

Sylphid and Salamando - Section 2[edit]

  • Up the stairs, head to either side of the stairwell you emerged from.
  • Protecting the top of the stairwell is a pair of Gremlins.
  • Defeat them then equip someone in the party with the Whip.
  • Go to the Southern end of this platform and use the Whip to cross the gap onto the platform there.
  • Now, you will want to go left.
  • Head up and into the door nearby, with a Doom Sword on the nearby ledge.
  • This will lead to the first elemental chamber in this section.
  • You will encounter 2 Doom Swords and a National Scar guarding the Crystal.
  • This crystal will require Sylphid magic to activate.
  • Return to the main chamber and head South from the door.
  • This will bring you to the Southern portion of the chamber, allowing easy access to the Eastern side.
  • In this Southern portion you will encounter 2 Doom Swords, and a National Scar between the stairs sets.
  • Go over to the Eastern side and go through the doorway to be taken to the Eastern door.
  • In front of this door is a Heck Hound on the floor and a Turtlance on a raised platform with stairs.
  • Go through the Eastern door.
  • Once again, the crystal is protected by 2 Doom Swords and a National Scar.
  • Defeat them and use Analyze to learn the crystal will activate with Salamando magic.
  • Break the Orb then return to the Southern part of the room.
  • Go up the stairs, past the National Scar, to reach the next section of this palace.

Lumina and Shade - Section 3[edit]

  • When you arrive on this level, you will encounter 2 Gremlins.
  • Go over to the right and take the stairs upward, onto the raised platform and into the doorway there.
  • Head over to the West and take the stairs there down.
  • Go over to the right and activate the switch there by attacking it.
  • This will open the gate between the 2 raised platforms, keep this in mind for a fair bit later.
  • Go back up the stairs and over to the right, taking the stairs down into the room.
  • Head South and through the corridor here.
  • This brings you to the Southern portion of this room.
  • Between the corridors, you can see a chest that is guarded by 2 Doom Swords and a National Scar
  • They guard a chest with a Sword Orb.
  • Continue over to the West and go through the door.
  • In this crystal room, you will once again encounter 2 Doom Swords and a National Scar.
  • Use Analyze to find out the Crystal will activate with Lumina magic.
  • Cast Lucent Beam on the Crystal to activate it.
  • Go out of this room.
  • Once in the Southern portion of the main room here, go East and into the door on the far right-hand side.
  • This is another Crystal Room with 2 Doom Swords and a National Scar.
  • Go to the Crystal after you defeat the enemies.
  • Using Analyze to learn this crystal will active with Shade's magic.
  • Activate the crystal with any of the attack spells from Shade.
  • Return to the Main room.
  • Go up the corridor on either side to the staircase you entered this room.
  • Head straight North from the stairs and through the doorway with the stairs to reach the next section.

Luna and Snap Dragon - Section 4[edit]

  • At the top of the stairs, it will be time to work on getting to the final 2 Crystal rooms.
  • To the right of where you emerge on this level is a Turtlance.
  • Head to the left and go down the stairs into the lower section of this room.
  • Near the bottom of this short set of stairs you will encounter a National Scar, Heck Hound, and possibly a Doom Sword.
  • Head to the Southern portion of this room to begin.
  • You will encounter another Doom Sword by a green flame brazier.
  • Go to the East, and head to the North, going up the stairs.
  • This will lead you to a door you could not access earlier, protected by a Doom Sword.
  • Go up into the doorway.
  • This leads into another large room, with 2 Doom Swords by the top of the stairs.
  • Go over to the left and up onto the small raised platform under the stained glass window with a switch.
  • The stairs are guarded by a Doom Sword.
  • Step onto the switch to lower a section of wall blocking your way to the next Crystal Chamber.
  • Go straight South from the switch to get to the newly accessible lower portion of this room.
  • Go over to the right from the stairs to step on the nearby switch, lowering a section of wall.
  • Have a party member with the Whip go over to the Southern ledge.
  • Attack access the gap by the Whip Peg to get across the gap.
  • Go over to the left, toward the door with 2 Turtlances.
  • Defeat them then head into the door.
  • This leads to the next Crystal room. Once again it is protected by 2 Doom Swords and a National Scar.
  • Use Analyze to reveal the crystal will activate to Luna magic.
  • Use most of Popoi's magic on this crystal to activate it.
  • After that, return to the previous room.
  • Go back to the North, across the gap, and then over to the right (East).
  • Step on the switch below the Eastern stained glass window to reveal a set of stairs.
  • Go down the stairs and step on the switch to the left of the stairs.
  • Continue to the South and to the ledge, and use the Whip to cross the gap here.
  • Once again, the doorway is guarded by 2 Turtlances.
  • Go through this door and head over to the right.
  • You will find a floor switch to step on.
  • Do so to reveal a path that will automatically bring you into the next boss fight: Snap Dragon.

  • The Snap Dragon is not that hard to defeat, though it can take a little time.
  • Using quick casting, you can easily defeat the Snap Dragon with 3 Fireballs.
  • Attack it relentlessly to quickly defeat this boss.
  • It is a fairly easy mid-boss fight.
  • Defeating this boss will get you a Javelin Orb.

Mana Seed and Hexas - Section 5[edit]

  • Head over to the left, then down, following the path over to the doorway with the stairs.
  • Go on through the door and you will arrive back in the Seed Chamber.
  • Randi will remark on something being wrong in the room.
  • Run over to the Seed's pedestal and you will see the body of the the Emperor.
  • Now go past the pedestal and into the newly revealed passage beyond it.
  • In the next room, you will encounter Fanha who reveals she's been working for Thanatos.
  • This leads to the next boss fight, Hexas.

  • Hexas has a single target attack that has a good chance to Pygmy.
  • Otherwise, she will attack with her claws, swiping at whoever is nearby.
  • For now though, physical attacks are your best option.
  • Avoid using buffing spells for now since Hexas can also use Dispel Magic.
  • Simply attack as best you can on Hexas.
  • This can be a quick fight.
  • Defeating this boss will get you a Whip's Orb.

Reaching Mech Rider 3[edit]

  • Having defeated Hexas, there is still another fight in this palace.
  • Go North and through the hallway in front of you into the next room.
  • Head straight across the narrow bridge to the North and up the stairs beyond it.
  • Step on the switch at the top of the stairs.
  • This will take the party up to the roof where they will find themselves in another Boss fight, Mech Rider 3.

  • Randi will be surprised to see Geshtar again, but a truth is revealed about them.
  • Now it is time for the final encounter with the Mech Rider.
  • Engage it as best possible.
  • Be ready with Dispel Magic to bring down the Wall if cast.
  • Use Speed Up to increase your accuracy against the Mech Rider.
  • use spells as much as possible for high damage on the boss.
  • Winning this fight will get the party the 8th Spear's Orb.
  • However, the Mana Fortress will rise properly now, appearing on the World Map.

Next Quest[edit]

Reaching the Pure Land

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Grand Palace Video Walkthrough

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