The Haunted Forest is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


Randi receives an axe strong enough to break rocks from Watts the blacksmith. On the dwarf elder's advice, the party heads to the Witch's Castle in the Haunted Forest.

Recommended Levels[edit]

Character Level
Randi 10
Popoi 8
Primm 8


Entering the Forest[edit]

  • With Watts's Axe in hand, head on up the stairs that Watts just revealed.
  • At the top of the stairs you will find Neko who will offer to save your game
  • Fight your way through the circles around Gaia's Navel.
  • Go to the North from the stairs leading to the next screen.
  • Here, you will find an old man and, with him, 4 Lullabuds.
  • While there are flowers in your way, you can either go around them or cut them down using the Sword or Axe.
  • Go to the North and through the teleporting mists to be taken to the Haunted Forest.
  • Through the teleporter, you will need to deal with a Chobin Hood who is surrounded by thorns.
  • There are some plants that can be cut down at the top of the thorns.
  • A second Chobin Hood can be found to the right, but easily ignored.
  • Go up the stairs above you.
  • To the right, is a pair of Chobin Hoods.
  • You can only hit these, initially, with either the Boomerang or Bow.
  • You can head above the wall and over to the right.
  • This will lead to encounter another Chobin Hood surrounded by cuttable plants.
  • Slice through the plants to easily reach this enemy and defeat them.
  • Next is another walled off pair of Chobin Hoods on your right.
  • Fight them from where you are to avoid having to deal with more Chobin Hoods at once.
  • Defeat these then head down and over to the right.
  • There is another pair of Chobin Hoods you will need top deal with.
  • Cut through the plants after you deal with the Chobin Hoods to reach Neko.
  • The traveling cat merchant has the same inventory as always, but he will also offer to save your game, take this option.
  • Head over to the right and up the stairs there.
  • At the top of the stairs, go over to the left.
  • Be wary of the Chobin Hood who is behind the plants.
  • Continue over to the left and step on the glyph.

Rescuing Primm[edit]

  • Stepping on the glyph will take you to an arena where you will find Primm being attacked by 2 Werewolves.
  • These Lv. 9 Werewolves can be a bit of a tough fight.
  • Be sure to watch both Randi's and Popoi's health during it.
  • Popoi is best off with a ranged weapon like the Bow or Boomerang for this fight, since Werewolves excel at melee combat.
  • /Have both party members attacking the same werewolf to make the fight a little easier as well.
  • Take your time and use your charge attacks to do heavy damage and end the fight quickly.
  • When you complete the fight, approach and talk with Primm to have her join your party and you will get the Spiked Knuckle Gloves weapon.
  • The party will automatically advance to the second area of the Haunted Forest.

Reaching the Witch's Castle[edit]

  • Immediately in front of you is a Mushboom that you will need to deal with.
  • Over to the right is a Blat, head that direction.
  • Take the stairs down on the right to the lower portion of this forest.
  • Be careful on the stairs because there is a Chobin Hood on a small ledge to the left.
  • While they can be hit with melee weapons, the Boomerang or Bow are the easiest to use here.
  • At the bottom of the stairs head down and to the left.
  • There is another Chobin Hood that you will need to deal with.
  • Cut down the plants in your way and continue to the left and down.
  • You will encounter another Blat to fight or run past.
  • This will also lead you to another glowing glyph on the ground.
  • Go over and step on the glyph to be teleported.
  • This will bring you to a small area of the third section where you need to deal with an Eye Stalk guarding another glyph.
  • Defeat the Eye Stalk to get at the glyph on the ground.
  • Touching the glyph will rise a stone platform into position, allowing access into the final section of the Haunted Forest.
  • Return to the previous glyph to get back to the second area of the Haunted Forest.
  • Head back, going up and to the right, taking the stairs up to the higher section of this area.
  • Go over to the left this time, past the glyph you entered the area with, and to the totems blocking your way.
  • Equip any character with the Axe and have them swing it at the totems.
  • The totems will break, clearing the way to the stairs down in front of you.
  • At the base of the stairs is another Blat and some plants blocking the way to the next glyph.
  • Cut through the plants and step onto the gylph to advance to the final area before the castle.
  • Go over to the right, across the platform you raised and down the stairs.
  • Head over to the right and then start upwards.
  • As you do this, there will be some Mushbooms, a Blat, and a Chobin Hood.
  • When you get toward the top of the area, there will be a Buzz Bee and another Chobin Hood.
  • Just head over to the left, the path above you is unavailable until you get the whip.
  • Go up the stairs off this left-hand path to reach the glyph that will take you to the final section of the Haunted Forest.
  • Head to the right, and go down the stairs.
  • Continue upwards after that and fight the Blat there.
  • Go through the wide opening in the leaves upwards to press on forward.
  • Turn to the left and confront the Chobin Hood there.
  • Cut through the dead plants to the left to continue forward most directly.
  • Be wary of the 2 Blats on the other side of the plants, likely above you.
  • Head down and to the left , follow the path.
  • You will come to a thorn wall on the left where there is another Chobin Hood.
  • This one is truly encircled by the thorns, so ranged weapons are most effective.
  • Go down and around this encircled Chobin Hood and start upwards on the far side.
  • Another Chobin Hood awaits your party as you head upwards.
  • Defeat them and go on up the stairs North of you.
  • This leads to a glyph that will take you to the Witch's Castle.


  • Take time to level up Popoi and get their weapon skills to Level 1 with the Boomerang, Chobin's Bow.
  • Once you recruit Primm, return to Gaia's Navel to level her up to around 5.
  • Around lv. 5, return to the Haunted Forest and get Primm to Lv. 7-8.

Next Quest[edit]

The Witch's Castle

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Haunted Forest Video Walkthrough

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