The Ice Palace is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


The party obtains the elemental power of fire from Salamando. After hearing from the Scorpion Army that an old man may have taken the Fire Seed from the palace. Pandi and his companions continue to search in the Crystal Forest.

Recommended Levels[edit]

  • Party: Lv. 29-30
  • Weapons: 3-4
  • Magic: 3


Reaching the Ice Palace[edit]

  • With Salamando, head to the North into the next section of the Crystal Forest to make your way toward the Ice Palace.
  • Immediately inside this section of the forest, you will encounter 3 Shellblasts.
  • Head over to the West to start along the path toward the Ice Palace.
  • You will encounter Howlers, and a Bluster Gas.
  • You can head directly to the North and into the Northwest exit.
  • This will lead you to Neko.
  • He will be offering the same armor that was available in Kakkara Village... for twice the price.
  • Return to the forest from Neko's location and head over to the East.
  • Turn to the North as soon as you can to reach the next screen.
  • Go to the North and through to the large circular middle.
  • On this screen you will encounter 2 Howlers and a Shellblast.
  • Continue to the North to the next screen.
  • There are 2 Shellblasts guarding the doors into the Ice Palace.
  • Go through the doors and into the Ice Palace itself.

The Ice Palace[edit]

  • Just inside the Ice Palace, you will encounter a Shellblast, to the left and right are more Shellblasts.
  • To progress forward, you will need to step one of the three switches.
  • One is found directly in front of you, and one can be found on each side.
  • Step on it to open a passage to reach the stairs in the Northern portion of the room.
  • Go on up the stairs after triggering any of the three switches and into the next room.
  • In the next room you will find a Blue Drop waiting for you.
  • Defeat it/them or move onto the next room.
  • This room has 2 Shellblast and 1 Bluster Gas
  • Head first into the room in the Northeastern corner.
  • This leads into the medium sized room with 2 halves to it.
  • Being in the Eastern half, go up to the floor switch and step on it.
  • This will form a bridge that gives you access to the next room on this side.
  • You will need to also evade or fight the Shellblast on the stairs between you and the door.
  • This small room has a chest inside with a Glove Orb guarded by a pair of Specters.
  • Defeat them and claim the Glove Orb inside the chest.
  • Head South straight through the previous room into the one with the 2 doors.
  • Go over and through the Northwest door this time from here.
  • This leads into a small room with three Specters.
  • Defeat them and then step on each of the switches, the order is unimportant.
  • Go on through the door that appears in the Northern Wall.
  • This leads into another small room, with a Weepy Eye inside it.
  • Defeat it and head into the next room to the North.
  • In this room, start heading over to the East.
  • You will encounter the first Mystic Book in the area.
  • Turn to the South and through the first doorway in the Southern wall.
  • Go over to the West and through the next doorway over to the Southwest.
  • Be careful of the Specter.
  • Through this doorway you will encounter a Bluster Gas and another Mystic Book.
  • Follow this over to the East and then turn North.
  • Go up this path to reach the next door.
  • In front of this door is another Weepy Eye.
  • Either defeat it or just run through the door into the next room.
  • In this room, there are 3 Mystic Books you will encounter.
  • Make your way to the Northern portion of the room.
  • Step onto the floor switches, which will cause a pit to open below you.
  • The party will fall into the pit and down into a small chamber.

The Biting Lizards Midboss[edit]

  • The party will be facing 3 Tonpoles.
  • This is the easy portion of the fight, so attack with your weapons and save your magic for the next part of the fight.
  • After taking the 600 damage, each one will transform into a Biting Lizard.
  • These lizards have a 110 HP more.
  • Try to have only one Lizard at a time because their main attack is to lash out with their tongue and eat party members.
  • This attack can interrupt spellcasting if it hits Popoi or Primm early enough in the sequence.
  • Keep some distance as much as you can and attack often.
  • Use Salamando spells a bit here, focusing on one of the Lizards at a time.
  • Be aware that the Lizards can heal themselves and each other, about 3 times.
  • After that battle, you will return to the Library you were in with the floor switches that dropped you into the pit below.

Reaching the Frost Gigas[edit]

  • Head North from where you appear through the newly opened doorway.
  • On the stairs in the next room is another Blue Drop and Specter that is in your way.
  • Defeat it and head to the East.
  • Equip one of the party members with the Whip.
  • Use this to get across the 2 gaps in your way.
  • On the other side, is a Bluster Gas that you can either defeat or ignore.
  • Follow the stairs down to the South, over to the West and then up to the teleport tile to the North in the middle of the room.
  • On the stairs in front of the teleport tile is another Specter.
  • On the other side of the tile, you will encounter 3 Weepy Eyes.
  • Either fight them or just run out the door to the North.
  • This will lead into a large room with a mysterious voice in it.
  • It will offer a choice, either will lead to the boss fight.

Fighting the Frost Gigas[edit]

  • This will put the party against the Frost Gigas.
  • Naturally, the party is going to want Flame Saber cast on them.
  • After that, use the fire spells available to both Popoi and Primm.
  • Be aware that Frost Gigas can cast Ice Saber on the party to reduce damage.
  • It can also cast Freeze at lv. 6.
  • Just like the Fire Gigas, the Frost Gigas can become motes of frost energy.
  • This can freeze those it touches, so keep some distance and remember it is immune to damage at this time.
  • Attack with your weapons and heavily use magic here.
  • Strong Salamando spells will make quick work of this boss.
  • You are rewarded with a Boomerang Orb for your efforts!

You saved Santa![edit]

  • The party will go and talk with the man in the red coat who has appeared.
  • He is revealed to be Santa Claus who had been turned into a monster by the power of the Mana Seed that he could not control.
  • He will turn over the Mana Seed to the party for them to return.

Next Quest[edit]

The Fire Palace

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Ice Palace Video Walkthrough

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