The Mana Beast is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).



  • Having defeated Thanatos in his Dark Lich form it is time to confront the Mana Beast.
  • The Mana Beast will now appear in front of you.
  • To fight the Mana Beast, Randi MUST equip the Sword.
  • Once that is done, have both Popoi and Primm use Dyrad's Secret spell, the Mana Magic.
  • This will unlock the Mana Sword.
  • Spells are hard to use on the Mana Beast because it will begin by casting Wall on itself.
  • Any time you Dispel Magic, you will only have a second or so before it recast Wall.
  • You would need to chain the spells as close as possible to get any magic damage in on the Mana Beast.
  • Watch your HP through and use the Mana Magic frequently.

  • As you fight the Mana Beast, it will move between 2 phases: close and distant.
  • While the Mana Beast is close, Randi will be able to attack with the Mana Sword.
  • When the Mana Beast is at a distance, you can only hit it with magic, just after dispelling its Wall spell.
  • It is just a lot easier, and more MP efficient to focus on using the Sword.
  • Dodging the fireball is difficult.
  • It is also difficult to dodge the bull rush attack from the Beast.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Mana Beast Video Walkthrough

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