The Moon Palace is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).



  • Leave the cave of Sage Joch and summon Flammie.
  • Time to head for the black, starlit area of the Kakkara Desert.
  • Head to the Northwest, across the desert to the night portion of the Kakkara Desert.
  • Touching down in front of the Moon Palace area, you will be surrounded by a few Mad Mallards.
  • Either fight these ducks or just head to the North, in the starry expanse North of you.
  • Go up and then over to the left onto the steel shi[p on the starry sea below you.
  • There you will meet Karon, who will ferry you to the Moon Palace itself.
  • Wait through the short cutscene of the travel and then head over to the right and up.
  • This will bring you to the entrance of the Moon Palace itself.
  • In front of the palace you will encounter 3 Marmablues.
  • Defeat at least 1 to ensure it is added to your Monster Guide then head North and into the Palace itself.
  • Immediately go up and right.
  • You will see a Crystal Gem that you need to cast Analyze to learn it needs to be hit by Lumina (cast a Lucent Beam).
  • Inside the Palace, you will encounter 3 more Marmablues.
  • The screen will go white as the crystal activates and bring you into a torch lit chamber.
  • Head to the North and into the next room.
  • Go to the North in the Seed Room.
  • Approach the bae of the stairs to the seed and interact with Luna.
  • Talk with the Elemental to gain their power for nboth Popoi and Primm.

Next Quest[edit]

A Sage to Tasnica

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Moon Palace Video Walkthrough

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