The Northtown Ruins is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


Randi learns more about what's happened to Dyluck and Pamaela from Krissie, the leader if the resistance against the empire. The party decides to look for clues to their whereabouts in the Northtown Ruins.

Level Recommendations[edit]

  • Party: 32-35
  • Weapons: 4-5
  • Magic: 4


  • Go straight North once you enter the Northtown Ruins to trigger a cutscene with Pamaela, Primm and Krissie.
  • Primm knocks out Pamaela and asks Krissie to help her friend. Krissie agrees and brings Pamaela to a sympathetic doctor.
  • Head inside the building itself after that to begin your exploration of the Ruins and collect a number of Weapon Orbs.
  • In the entrance to the Ruins, you will find 2 staircases leading upwards on the left and right.
  • In the middle is a Wizard Eye that can summon Weepy Eyes.
  • Begin by going up either set of stairs.
  • There will likely be a Ghoul that will appear from the stairs to attempt to ambush the party.
  • On either side you will encounter another Wizard Eye.
  • Keep a little distance here because they can Moogle with their short range eye beam.
  • When it comes to the doors in the upper area of the entry way, both will lead to a weapon orb, it is simply a question of which one.
  • Going through the Eastern door, guarded by a Wizard Eye, you will emerge into a small room.
  • This room has 2 Imps and a Wizard Eye.
  • Head through the Northern door to press forward.
  • Next you will come into a corridor with 2 Specters.
  • Go to the Eastern end and head through the small door in the Southern wall.
  • This goes into the small room with 2 Weepy Eyes and a Wizard Eye.
  • Going through the door will lead you onto a balcony over the entrance.
  • Open the chest there to get a Bow Orb.
  • Head back through the rooms to reach the balcony of the entry room once again.
  • Head over to the Western side of the balcony in the entry room.
  • Going through the Western door will lead into a small room with 2 Grave Bats and an Imp.
  • The hallway beyond it has a Blue Drop, Bluster Gas.
  • Head to the Western end and go through the small door in the Southern wall.
  • This will bring you into a small room with a Tomato Man and 2 Ghouls.
  • Defeat them and head outside onto the balcony.
  • Here you will find a chest with a Spear Orb.
  • Make your way back to the first room of the ruins and head downstairs.
  • Go to the lower Northern door guarded by a Wizard Eye.
  • Defeat the enemies and go through the door into the next room.
  • This is a small room with 2 Ghouls and a Specters.
  • Clear them and head to the North into the next room.
  • This room has 2 Weepy Eyes and a Wizard Eye inside it.
  • Go to the West and down the Southern stairs.
  • The next room has 3 Grave Bats.
  • Defeat them and continue to the South.
  • This next room has 3 Drops: Green, Blue Drop, and Red Drop.
  • Either fight them or just run on through.
  • This will lead you into a long and wide hallway.
  • From behind the pillars nearby the door you passed through, 2 Ghouls will emerge from the ground and attempt to ambush you.
  • Going to the West, you will encounter a pair of Robin Feet that will also try to ambush you.
  • In the middle of the Northern wall is a doorway.
  • This leads into a narrow North/South corridor with 2 Grave Bats.
  • Defeat them and head North into the next room.
  • This just leads into an empty room, head back to the large corridor you came from.
  • At the far Western end of the hallway is a doorway leading onward.
  • This leads into a short corridor with 2 Blue Drops and 1 Green Drop.
  • Defeat or ignore them and head through the Northern door.
  • This leads to a short East/West Corridor with 2 Ghouls and an Imp that you will need to deal with.
  • Continue forward using the stairs downward in the Southwestern corner.
  • This leads the party into a large, multi-level room with a number of Ghouls, a Robin Foot.
  • Going to the West in the Northern part will reveal a doorway presently blocked by spikes you cannot cross.
  • You will also encounter a Ghoul and Wizard Eye.
  • Remember this location for a little later, for now, head to the Southeastern corner of the room on the upper floor.
  • Go on through the small opening you see in the Southern wall, this is nearby another Wizard Eye.
  • This will lead you into a short corridor with 3 enemies: Bluster Gas, Dark Funk, and a Blue Drop.
  • Head to the South to continue onward.
  • Turn to the West, confronting the 3 Grave Bats and the Imp coming after you.
  • Go into the Northwestern door in this area.
  • This will brings you into a small room with 2 Blue Drops and a Bluster Gas.
  • Defeat with them and step on the floor switch.
  • This will give you the note that you hear a distant sound.
  • Make your way back to the large room that had the spikes coming out of the floor.
  • Before progressing forward, go to the Northwestern corner of the room.
  • You will find the spikes in front of it have retracted, allowing access to the room beyond them.
  • Go inside this room to find a chest with a Sword Orb inside it.
  • 2 Ghouls will emerge from the floor to attack the party.
  • With the Sword Orb Collected, it is time to progress forward.
  • Take the stairs in the Northern section downward.
  • This will lead down to a platform with retracted spikes, protected by an Imp.
  • Step on the floor switch on the Southern platform.
  • This will unlock (and "reveal") the door just to the left of the stairs you came down.
  • In this next corridor, head over to the West, fighting through the 2 Grave Bats and Red Drop.
  • This corridor has 2 doors, one in the middle along the Southern wall and one at the Western end of the Southern Wall.
  • Head through the Southwestern exit to continue forward.
  • You are now in a previously inaccessible portion of the large room, and confronted with a Wizard Eye.
  • Either fight or run from the Eye and head out using the Southern exit in this section.
  • This will to a stairwell with 2 Imps guarding the top of it.
  • Take the stairs downward and into the next room
  • The next room has 2 Ghouls that will appear from behind the pillars just next to the door you enter the room from.
  • Go South and then over to the East.
  • You will see Spikes blocking your way, but also a path through them.
  • Follow this path around to the Southeastern corner where you can find a floor switch.
  • Be wary of the Imps in your way.
  • Defeat them can cause a Wizard Eye to appear.
  • Step on the switch to lower the Spikes into the floor.
  • From there, head out of this room using the nearby Northern door that is now accessible.
  • For this room, be wary of the Grave Bats and Imps.
  • Go down the stairs in the Southwestern corner to continue forward.
  • This leads to a L-bend corridor with 2 Robin Feet waiting in ambush by the door.
  • Follow the passage to the West then North.
  • Just in front of the next door is a Wizard Eye.
  • Go through this door to reach the first boss of the area, Doom's Wall.

Fighting Doom's Wall[edit]

  • This fight is largely going to be like the previous wall fight, so focus your efforts on the central eye.
  • Use focused spellcasting with both Primm and Popoi using Salamando magic to do damage.
  • You can get better damage with Popoi using Airblast.
  • Be wary that the wall will attempt to use Leaden Gaze, slowing down whomever that spell hits.
  • The Wall will also be able to cast Thunderbolt, Revivifer, Cure Water, and a Confusion spell (Confusion Hoops).
  • Each of the eyes has its own HP and MP pool, but know that defeating the central eye will instantly kill the other 2.

Finding Dyluck[edit]

  • Defeating Doom's Wall will reveal a door into the next room, you are not done with the Bosses in these Ruins yet.
  • Go to the North and up the stairs in the middle of the room.
  • The party will confront Dyluck who traps Primm in a spell and teleports her away.
  • He is brought to his normal self a short while later, telling Randi and Popoi to head through the door behind the altar they are on to find Primm.
  • Go around the altar and through the door in the Northern Wall.
  • The party will find Thanatos with Primm.
  • He attempts to extract her life essence, but is thwarted by Dyluck's essence that had been imbued into Primm.
  • Thanatos applauds Dyluck for the ingenuity and then sends his Vampire after the party!

Fighting the Vampire[edit]

  • The Vampire can be tricky fight because it will spend a lot of time in the air.
  • Only magic can hit the Vampire while it is airborne, because the Bow and Javelin weapons will miss.
  • To hit the vampire with weapons it first needs to land.
  • It is only vulnerable while its wings are open.
  • The Vampire has a melee swipe attack that can poison those its hits.
  • It can also fly over party members, drop down, then grab and throw those below it.
  • Be wary it will frequently cast Freeze lv. 4 on your party members.
  • Keep on the move throughout the fight, pausing only to cast spells.
  • It will not take long to defeat the Vampire.
  • You will be rewarded with a Boomerang Orb for your efforts.

  • After the fight is a short cutscene.
  • Use the Magic Rope to quickly exit the area.

Next Quest[edit]

The Emperor's Offer

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The Northtown Ruins

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