The Palace of Darkness is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


Jehk, Sage Joch's disciple, tells the party that Jech went to the Palace of Darkness in the Lofty Mountains. Randi and his friends head off to find him.


  • Having met with Jehk, the party learns they need to head back down to the cave entrance at the start of the mountain.
  • Return to the cave near where you land for the Lofty Mountains.
  • Just inside the cave, you will encounter a Fierce Head.
  • Fighting this foe, you will realize they can summon Grave Bats.
  • Head to the North into the next room to enter the Palace of Darkness proper.
  • Just inside the Palace of Darkness, you will encounter a Dark Knight.
  • On the elevated walkway, you can see 2 more Dark Knights.
  • Head to the Northeast doorway to progress forward.
  • This leads to a walkway with a Dark Ninja.
  • Go forward to the North to reach the next room, a large cave.
  • This cave has a number of stalagmites between the party and the Emberman.
  • Equip an Axe and break through the rocks blocking the way.
  • Defeat the Emberman if so inclined, head over to the Southeast exit.
  • This leads to the walkway just above where you were earlier.
  • Go to the West, where you will find an Imp, save this for a little later.
  • Going to the South, you will encounter a Dark Ninja.
  • Through this doorway you will find a floor switch through the door to the West.
  • Stepping on this floor switch will reveal a door in that first area you entered.
  • Head over to the Southeast and take the stairs downward and through the doorway in the Eastern portion.
  • This will bring you through a long corridor.
  • At the end of this corridor, you will find a Dark Knight.
  • From there, you will want to head over to the West and go up the stairs there, to encounter a Fierce Head.
  • Be mindful of those because of their ability to spawn a Grave Bat.
  • Follow the walkway over to the West.
  • The path will turn to the North to a section of walkway with a pair Dark Knights and a chest.
  • Opening the chest will give the party 1000 GP.
  • From there, head back to the East and down through the long corridor.
  • Go up the stairs, passing nearby the floor switch you stepped on.
  • Go back across the walkway fighting the Dark Ninja.
  • Head to the West and through the door on the far side of the walkway you just crossed.
  • You will find another floor switch to step on.
  • Step on it to make Whip Pegs appear nearby.
  • It is time to reach those Pegs to and press forward toward the next switch.
  • Head back across the walkway and back into the large entry room.
  • Go over to the East and use the stairs to reach the long corridor, making your way back to where the Chest was.
  • Make your way up the stairs and across the walkway with the Dark Ninja.
  • Continue to the North to reach the cave again.
  • Use a Whip to cross the gap and reach another floor switch.
  • Be wary of the Emberman that is guarding the floor switch.
  • Step on the floor switch to reveal a door back in the middle section of the cave.
  • Head back across the gap then head to the South.
  • Make your way to the main room and then over to the West.
  • Cross through the long corridor and then over to the East, fighting the Dark Knights and Fierce Head in the area.
  • Go through the long corridor and then up the stairs at the other end.
  • Go up the stairs and through the North doorway and into the next room.
  • Cross the walkway, dealing with the Dark Ninja.
  • Go through the door to the North and back into the cave room.
  • Head to the West, smashing through the stone with the Axe.
  • Go down the stairs between the stones and back into the entry room.
  • Go into the newly accessible room in the entry room.
  • Inside this room you will encounter 2 Fierce Heads and a chest.
  • Inside this chest you will find a Glove Orb.
  • Exit this room, going to the East and head North through the doorway there and across the walkway.
  • This will bring you back into the Cave Room once again.
  • Fight the Emberman through the stones.
  • Go up to the North and through the newly revealed doorway.
  • This will lead into another room with 2 Embermen and a Fierce Head.
  • Continue to the North and into the next room.
  • Go to the floor switch on the walkway and step on it.
  • This creates an invisible walkway leading to the West.
  • Head across the walkway and then turn to the North.
  • At the far side of the first invisible walkway you will encounter a Imp.
  • Going to the North, you will find another Dark Knight.
  • Turn to the East and onto the large rectangular section of the walkway.
  • 3 Dark Knights are here that you can find.
  • There is another floor switch in the Southeastern corner of this platform.
  • This will reveal another invisible pathway lined with flame.
  • Follow this path to the North and onto the next platform.
  • Fight the Imp and Dark Ninja.
  • Step on the floor switch nearby you.
  • This will reveal a path to the West you can cross.
  • Take the path to the West and confront the Embermanthere.
  • Go to the North and through the door there.
  • This will bring you into the boss room for this Palace where you will encounter the Lime Slime.

Fighting the Lime Slime[edit]

  • The Lime Slime fills most of the screen but cannot hurt you with physical contact.
  • Begin by using Analyzer to learn the weakness, HP and MP of the Lime Slime.
  • You will want to cast Flame Saber on the party.
  • After that, start using the Salamando attack magic to lay down a barrage of damage on the Lime Slime.
  • Use Fireball and both attack spells Blaze Wall and Fire Bouquet from Primm.
  • Do pay attention to the color of the Slime, because it can shift the elemental weakness of it.
  • Just keep up the barrage of spells and you will claim victory and be taken to another part of the Palace.

Synchronizing and gaining Shade[edit]

  • Go forward to the North and approach the Mana Spirit there, Shade.
  • Approach it to begin the conversation with Shade.
  • Shade's magic will only be available to the Sprite, Popoi.
  • Go up the stairs and touch the Mana Seed to seal it, adding its power to your magical ability.
  • After that, use the Magic Rope to quickly exit the palace.

Next Quest[edit]

A Return to Sage Joch

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Palace of Darkness

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