The Pandorian Ruins is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


The party meets Primm's childhood friend, Pamaela; however she mysteriously disappears as soon as they try to talk to her. Realizing something strange is happening to the area, Randi and his friends head to the south to search the ruins.

Recommended Levels[edit]

  • Party: Lv. 14-15
  • Undine and Gnome: Lv. 2
  • Be sure to have at least 2 Faerie Walnuts to ensure enough MP for the Boss fight.
  • Can be bought from Neko's Place for 1000 GP


Reaching the Ruins[edit]

  • You will be shot from Gaia's Navel to the Inn of Pandora.
  • Start by heading to the East and then head to the North, into the Castle.
  • Go on inside the castle, through the main door and through the archway in front of you.
  • Turn left and head down and then take the nearby stairs up.
  • Head over to the right and then turn downward.
  • Go over to the right and take the stairs upwards in this small room on the right.
  • Go left after that and through the large double-doors in the middle of the top wall.
  • Inside this room, you will have a scene play out with the King of Pandora and Gemma.
  • Gemma is headed to the nearby Pandora Ruins, to the South of the village itself.
  • He will leave and then you will be able to move about as well.
  • You can talk with the King who will then head into his chamber.
  • Leave the Castle through the same path into it.
  • From there, head South to the edge of town and then over to the West.
  • You will see a woman with blue hair, Pamaela in the entrance into the next area.
  • Approach and talk with her for a quick conversation that causes her to disappear.
  • Go through the passage she was blocking.
  • From there, go over to the right and then up.
  • This leads to a courtyard with a few people in it, who have nothing to say.
  • Go up to the blue-haired woman and talk with her again.
  • She will say some mysterious things and then push through the guards.
  • Primm will be surprised by her friend's reaction and punch the guards to force them to retreat.
  • This clears the way for the party to enter the Pandorian Ruins itself.

The Pandorian Ruins[edit]

  • Inside the ruins, the area is filled with a light purple mist that covers everything.
  • The first room has 3 Zombies and 1 Tomato Man.
  • Defeat the enemies to get their entries into the guide.
  • If the Tomato Man is being very hard to hit, use any of Popoi's attack spells to instantly defeat them.
  • Go through the upper center door to go into ruins more.
  • In this first room, there is also a second door in the top right with 2 Swords and another Tomato Man.
  • In the next room, you will encounter 2 Chess Knight.
  • Head to the left and go down after you defeat the Knights.
  • This next room is a long corridor with numerous turns to follow South then West.
  • In the start you will encounter a Evil Sword and 2 Zombies.
  • Following the path to the North, as it heads West, you will encounter a Evil Sword.
  • Past that you will encounter another Tomato Man.
  • Turn to the South after that and go down the stairs.
  • At the top of the stairs is another pair of Evil Swords.
  • Defeat them and head down the stairs.
  • To the North of those stairs is another small room with 2 Evil Swords and a Tomato Man.
  • Head over to the West and then down the stairs.
  • You will encounter another [{Secret of Mana: Tomato Man|Tomato Man]] and a number of Zombies.
  • Going East you will encounter another Tomato Man.
  • Just South of it is another Zombie to fight.
  • Either defeat these opponents or simply head through the Southern corridor and over to the West.
  • As you reach the first turn in this corridor, you will encounter another Tomato Man.
  • Following it over to the West you will find another Evil Sword that you could fight as well.
  • Yet another Tomato Man await you with the next bend in the corridor.
  • Worry more about the Zombies they drop than the Tomato Man. Just remember that the party needs to kill at least 1 for the Monster Guide entry.
  • Once again, the corridor will turn North and lead to some stairs going South.
  • Head down the stairs to the South.
  • From here, go over to the West then turn North.
  • You will find numerous people in masks surrounding a platform.
  • Go up the stairs and talk with the man on top of the platform, this is Thanatos.
  • After revealing both Pamaela and Dyluck, he will drop the party into the chmaber below.
  • Here, the party will need to face the boss of the dungeon.

Wall Face - Boss Fight[edit]

  • This can be a very tough boss fight if you do not handle things properly.

  • First, you DO NOT want to take out the eyes on the sides first.
  • This will cause the wall to start pushing the whole party toward the spikes on the opposite end of the room.
  • This boss has 3 magic spells it likes to use, Leaden Gaze, HP Absorb, and Freeze.
  • Leaden Gaze will Tangle whomever it targets, lowering their evasion and accuracy.
  • Freeze does ~40 Water damage, being Lv. 3

  • To win this boss fight, you can do damage to the eyes on the side, but your main focus should be the middle, Vertical Eye.
  • Have Popoi cast Gem Missile on the middle eye repeatedly.
  • Randi and Primm, if equipped with the Chobin's Bow or Pole Dart should attack the middle eye as well.
  • Watch your HP and MP, using Candy, Cure Water, and Faerie Walnuts as needed.
  • Just focusing your Gem Missiles on the middle eye will make for a very fast boss fight against the Wall Face.

  • If you do defeat the side eyes first, immediately target the central eye with everyone.
  • Have Popoi start bombarding the central eye with their attack magic immediately.
  • After that, it is just an all out assault to do enough damage before reaching the spikes at the other end of the room.
  • If any character touches the spikes, they will die.

Next Quest[edit]

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Pandorian Ruins Video Walkthrough

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