The Pure Land is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


"The party reaches the Pure Land and hears a kind voice guiding them deeper into the realm."


There are multiple armor pieces here that are Rare Drops that are easy to miss:


Exploring the Pure Land[edit]

  • You will land in a deep forest when you touch down in the Pure Lands.
  • Immediately in front of you is a Needlion and a Griffin Hand.
  • Fight through them and head to the North.
  • This forested section has 3 Griffin Hands.
  • There are 2 paths here, one going to the Northwest and one going to the Northeast.
  • Going to the Northwest, you will transition into another room.
  • Here, you will encounter 2 Mushglooms.
  • Continue to the North into the next room.
  • In here you will find a Griffin Hand, Needlion, and a Mushgloom.
  • Defeat all these foes and leave through the Northwest.
  • In this clearing, go over to the East.
  • You will once again encounter a trio of Griffin Hand, Mushgloom, and Needlion.
  • Turn to the North when you enter the next clearing.
  • You will immediately encounter a pair of Griffin Hands, and a Ice Bandit.
  • There are more scattered throughout the area, but you want to just head to the North and through into the cave entrance.
  • This will lead you into combat against the Dragon Worm.

The Dragon Worm[edit]

  • The Dragon Worm will now attack the party.
  • Cast Thunder Saber on your weapons to do increased damage against.
  • Use Air Blast to do heavy damage against the Worm.
  • The Worm will be slithering from one side to the next, attacking the party as it does.
  • It has a Petrification Gas, turning the target into Stone.
  • It will move through the center of the area frequently, allowing the party time to attack it.
  • Use Popoi's Sylphid magic to do heavy damage to it frequently.
  • Keep on the move to avoid getting charged by it or falling vicitim to its bite attack.

Getting to the second boss[edit]

  • Heading to the North, you will encounter a Griffin Hand and Needlion in the first room beyond the Dragon Worm.
  • Expect a Mushgloom over to the East as you start making your way Northward.
  • If you want to farm Ghosts, head over to the East.
  • In this clearing, you will find 3 Ghosts that are easily defeated with a Lucent Beam.
  • Go back to the West after that, to the clearing above where you fought the Dragon Worm.
  • Fight through them and head to the North.
  • In this next clearing, you will find a staircase leading up to a large archway.
  • Going up the stairs and through the archway will have you hear that gentle voice and give you the option to save your game.
  • After that, head over to the West and into the next clearing.
  • Make your way to the Northwestern exit, fighting through the Griffin Hands and the Needlion.
  • Pass through to the next clearing to encounter the Snow Dragon.

Fighting the Snow Dragon[edit]

  • In this fairly large clearing, you will encounter the second boss, the Snow Dragon.
  • It can cast Balloon Ring, hitting a few nearby party members with Balloon
  • It can cast Breath Wing, knocking away any party members nearby its dangling tail.
  • It can cast Freeze Breath, Snowmanning anyone nearby the dragon if the attack hits.
  • The Dragon can be hit on its dangling tail when it is hovering.
  • It is weak to Salamando.
  • Use the Dragon Lance with Randi, or equip the party with the ranged weapons: Bow, Javelin, or the Boomerang.
  • Cast Flame Saber on your weapons to up what damage they can do.
  • It is recommended to focus more on using Magic because of the small target the dragon presents to weapons.
  • If you use the Bow or Javelin, they will automatically aim upwards toward the main body of the dragon.
  • The dragon is very mobile throughout the fight, so keep on the move to keep up with it.
  • Defeating the Dragon will grant you a Bow Orb.

Reaching the Caves[edit]

  • Exit where you fought the Snow Dragon to the South.
  • Make your way back to the archway and walk through them again to continue forward.
  • This will lead you into a clearing with 3 Griffin Hands that will immediately move in and start attacking you.
  • Defeat them and head to the North, into the next clearing.
  • This one has Griffin Hand, and 2 Mushglooms you will want to fight through.
  • Defeating 1 of the Mushglooms will cause a Eggplant Man to appear in this small area.
  • Go over to the East and into the cave entrance that is accessible in the cliff-face.
  • The first chamber of the cave have a few Ice Bandits and a Ghost.
  • Go over to the West, taking the Southern Stairs out of this room.
  • Head over to the East and then make your way to the Norther end of the chamber.
  • Along the way you will be fighting through a few Ice Bandits, making it a good farming spot, since there is only 1 Needlion and 1 Eggplant Man helping them.
  • Go through the cave opening in the Northern wall to find the next boss you need to fight.

Fighting Axe Beak[edit]

  • Inside this cave, you will be facing Axe Beak, who will be jumping around.
  • Axe Beak is weak to Undine magic.
  • It can cast Fireball and Fire Bouquet.
  • It also has the abilities: Sonic Pulse, doing low damage, and Sleep Gas, knocking out those affected.
  • Axe Beak is a fairly mobile foe, moving around a lot.
  • It will jump onto the platforms in the upper left, upper right, and jump down to the lower area where you started.
  • This make it difficult to hit with melee weapons, which should like get Ice Saber cast on them.
  • Favor magic once again, using your weapons as best you can.

Finding the Red Dragon[edit]

  • Having defeated Axe Beak, go over to the stairs that appeared in the Northwestern portion of the room.
  • This leads to the exit chamber. You will encounter 2 Needlions and a Eggplant Man.
  • Just head out through the Southern door.
  • The party is back outside now, with a Ghost and 2 Griffin Hands.
  • Equip the Sword to cut through the grass blocking your way to the Northern passage.
  • this will lead to another stairway up to a stone archway.
  • Once again, you can go into it to save your game.
  • To move forward, head to the West and to the next screen.
  • You will immediately encounter a Needlion, Eggplant Man, and Mushgloom
  • Go into the cave entrance to the North.
  • This will bring you into the cave of the Red Dragon.

Fighting the Red Dragon[edit]

  • Inside this cave, you are confronted by another boss.
  • This Dragon can cast Exploder, Fireball
  • It has the abilities: Breath Wing (Short range damage burst around tail), Sleep Ring (Knocks out those affected).
  • Just like the Snow Dragon, this one is fairly mobile,
  • Only the tip of its dangling tail can be hit with short range melee weapons.
  • Using the Bow or Javelin will have the party member attack upwards.
  • Favor using Undine Magic to do heavy damage to it
  • It has a greater range to hit the dragon since it targets the body.
  • Defeating this dragon will get you a Glove Orb.

Seeking the Mana Tree[edit]

  • Head out of the cave and go over to the East.
  • Return to the stairway and follow it up to the Stone Archway.
  • Pass through the stone archway to move to the next section.
  • Head to the North, fighting through the 2 Ice Bandits and 1 Ghost.
  • Leave to the Northwest, up the slope.
  • This clearing has a Griffin Hand, Mushgloom, and Needlion.
  • Continue to the East and into the next clearing.
  • Head to the East, then around to the West.
  • In this clearing, you will find Griffin Hand, Mushgloom, Eggplant Man, and Ghost.
  • Fight your way to over to the exit.
  • Go to the West, fighting the 3 Needlion.
  • Continue on to the Northeast to press forward.
  • There, you will find a cross-roads with 4 passages: running to the North, South, East, and West.
  • To move forward, head to the North and into the next clearing.

Fighting the Thunder Gigas[edit]

  • The Thunder Gigas will frequently turn into a mist of electricity.
  • While like this, you cannot hurt them with your attacks.
  • It can also cast Thunder Saber on the party, causing them to heal the Gigas.
  • If you have had Thunder Saber on your party, have Primm cast Stone Saber on your party.
  • Be careful since it can also cast Silence on your party.

Reaching the final Dragon[edit]

  • Having defeated the Thunder Giagas, head to the Northern exit.
  • Head to the North, fighting the Ghost and Ice Bandit.
  • Following the trail upwards to fight another Ice Bandit and Ghost.
  • Make your way to the Northeastern corner and head out of the clearing.
  • This leads to the next archway, saying you must defeat the dragon to the left.
  • Go through the archway to have a chance to save your game.
  • Head over to the West from the archway to continue forward.
  • In this clearing, you will encounter a Needlion, Griffin Hand, and Eggplant Man.
  • Head to the North to encounter the final dragon of this area, the Blue Dragon.

Fighting the Blue Dragon[edit]

  • This is the last and toughest Dragon in this area, the Blue Dragon.

  • This Dragon is weak to Gnome.
  • Use Stone Saber on your weapons and be sure to equip the Javelin and Bow.
  • Attack the tail as much as possible with Randi and Primm.
  • Have Popoi use Gem Missile or Earth Slide.
  • Keep on the move, but press in on the Blue Dragon as much as possible.

The Mana Tree[edit]

  • Head to the South, off the castle where you fought the Blue Dragon.
  • In the next clearing, go over to the East and back to the clearing with the Stone Archway.
  • This will bring you to where the the party will find the Mana Tree.

Next Quest[edit]

Reaching the Mana Fortress

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Pure Land Video Walkthrough

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