The Sand Ship is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


In Kakkara Desert, the party is picked up by a sandship of the republic; however, the guards fear they are spies. Randi and his friends need to find a way to get away from their captors.


  • Once onboard the ship, it is made apparent that the crew members think Randi and friends are Imperial Spies.
  • Randi is taken to the engine room where the gameplay resumes.
  • Head over to the person wandering around in the top portion of this area.
  • This is Sergo, talk with him.
  • From there, run to the Southern part of the room and talk with the pair of guards in front of the stairs.
  • Return to the top part of the room and talk with Sergo again.
  • He will tell you he will create a distraction, just go back to the guards by the stairs and talk with them again.
  • Do this and Sergo will call out there is a fire!
  • The guards will finally start moving, possibly out of the way, and let you go up the stairs onto the deck of the Sand Ship.
  • On the deck of the ship, you will need to find both Popoi and Primm.
  • To find Popoi, you will need to head over to the left and South.
  • Take the first set of stairs on this left-hand side of the ship and then start making your way down South.
  • Make your way over to the right-hand side of the ship.
  • Go down the stairs toward the Northern portion.
  • Down the stairs, head over to the left and down to reach the next hallway.
  • Go over to the right and through the door with the green light on it.
  • Inside you will encounter Popoi who has eaten all the stored food here.
  • The soldiers will tell you to take your friend away from here.
  • Leave the room and head back onto the main deck of the Sand Ship to the start your search for Primm who is nearby.
  • Head to the South on this level of the deck.
  • In the Southern portion, you will find a Door with a Green Light on it.
  • Go into this door.
  • If you want to save, go up the stairs on the left and talk with the person manning the steering wheel for the Sandship.
  • To get Primm, head over to the Right and up.
  • Talk with the guards in front of the double-doors with Popoi in your party and they will go to investigate the "rats".
  • After they leave, go through the doors and into the next room.
  • You will find Primm being ordered around by Commander Morie.
  • She does not take well to it and will not do what he is asking.
  • Eventually, Admiral Meria will come in and tell Morie to stop complaining.
  • This is, of course, when the Empire attacks!
  • You are taken outside, onto the deck of the ship once again.
  • You can talk with the soldiers in magenta and gold, but you want to go to the front of the ship and talk with Geshtar.
  • He will remark that he had been told about your group and then sends you into battle against the Mech Rider.

Fighting Mech Rider[edit]

  • After the short talk with Geshtar, you will encounter the first Mech Rider, a boss who will be showing up a few times.
  • This is a very fast opponent who moves around the area a lot.
  • It is very important to know that Mech Rider is very vulnerable to Sylphid.
  • Have Primm use Thunder Saber on the weapons as soon as you can.
  • It is a large arena too, so try to keep track of where the Mech Rider has gone.
  • It will also periodically cast Speed Up, Lv. 3 on itself.
  • Target it with Slow Down to lower its hit and evasion back to normal.
  • During these spell casting times, move in and attacking them.
  • It will zoom around, attempting to ramp your characters at any point it can.
  • Its other main attack is to launch missiles at the party members. These can knock characters unconscious.
  • These can be dodged by moving around.
  • Take your time moving around and attacking every chance you can.
  • Use your Cure Water when members are getting low on health.
  • Defeating the Mech Rider will give you a Whip Orb.

Leaving the Ship[edit]

  • With everything done, you can talk with numerous parts of the crew from the Sand Ship.
  • Have a quick chat with Sergo, Commander Morie, and Admiral Meria.
  • Talk with one of the soldiers in the Southeastern area to leave the ship area.

Next Quest[edit]

The Village and the Ice

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Sandship Video Walkthrough

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