The Scorpion Battleship is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


The party is too late to save the Water Seed. Though this doesn't appear to be the empire's doing, Luka tells Randi to search for the stolen Mana Seed in the Underground palace near Gaia's Navel.


  • Head for the new hole that appeared in the middle of the entrance portion.
  • Once on the Scorpion Battleship, head down the stairs that are nearby you.
  • Go over to the right and up the to the Top Right corner.
  • Inside this chest is a Whip Orb for you to claim.
  • After that, head into the next room above you.
  • Here you will meet the Scorpion Boss and 2 of her Minions.
  • After the conversation, head to the North.

Kilroy Fight[edit]

  • This will bring you into the large arena where you will fight Kilroy.
  • Kilroy will go out of control and attack the party.
  • Start with the party moving in and attacking Kilroy.
  • From there, have Popoi use either Gem Missile or Earth Slide.
  • Use the attack spells frequently and have most of the party equipped with ranged weapons.
  • Moving in against Kilroy has a good chance that whomever it is will get Moogled.
  • Take your time fighting this robot to ensure you can avoid getting the whole party hit.
  • Winning the fight will get you a Javelin Orb.

Next Quest[edit]

Returning to the Water Palace

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Underground Ship Kilroy Fight Video Walkthrough

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