The Sea Hare's Tail is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


One of the few side quests found in Secret of Mana.


  • Kakkara Village remains without water even through the Fire Seed has been restored to the palace.
  • Talking with the councilor to the leader of Kakkara, you learn that a Sea Hare's Tail will immediately restore the springs that help the town keep alive.
  • Summon Flammie and it is time to find where you can get a Sea Hare's Tail.
  • You will want to head to Turtle Shell Isle, found West of Matango.
  • This is found Southwest of Kakkara Village, just off the coast.
  • Go into the Northern hut and speak with the Shopkeeper inside.
  • The Shopkeeper will remark that he only has Sea Hare Tails and will give one to Randi.
  • Head outside and summon Flammie.
  • Turn to the North-Northwest and head over to the Desert portion.
  • Fly to the village nearby the Moon Palace.
  • Land in Kakkara Village.
  • Go and talk with the Councilor once more.
  • He will present the Sea Hare's Tail to the King who tells them what to do with the Tail.
  • Water is restored to the village.
  • The Councilor will then present the party with the Moogle Belt.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Sea Hare's Tail Video Walkthrough

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