The Sword of Mana is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


Randi, Timothy, and Elliot explore the back area behind Potos Village.

Guided by a mysterious voice, Randi pulls a rusted old sword out of the rocks. Blade in hand, Randi hurries by to the village.

Suggested Levels[edit]

  • Randi: Level 2
    • Sword: Level 1


  • After Randi has fallen from the log across the waterfall, he will need to find a way out the river.
  • Head downward to begin.
  • Go over to the left and then down onto the path leading away from the water.
  • Head over to the right and then head downwards.
  • A mysterious voice will call to Randi from the right.
  • Go down and then across the bridge to the right.
  • Continue on upwards, and Randi will remark that he needs a weapon to reach the village.
  • Go up into the water and then over to the left and down.
  • This will trigger a cutscene in which Randi draws the Mana Sword from its rock.
  • With the sword in your possession, head back to the plants.
  • Use the sword to cut through the plants.
  • Head to the right and over to the next screen.
  • Here you will encounter 2 Rabites.
  • Follow the road upwards and over to the right.
  • You will find another Rabite here to deal with.
  • Continue to the right, cutting down the plants.
  • Just past those plants is another Rabite.
  • Defeat it then follow the path as it heads downward.
  • Cut through the plants blocking your path and defeat the next Rabite.
  • Go over to the left and cut through more plants and another Rabite.
  • Follow the path down, over to the right then left.
  • At the bend, there is another Rabite.
  • Just past the bend is another Rabite as well.
  • Cut through the plants and continue to the left.
  • There are 2 more Rabites between you and the next screen.
  • Defeat the Rabites and head over to the left.
  • At the start of the next screen, there are 2 Rabites.
  • Defeat them and head across the bridge to the left.
  • Go down, defeat the 2 Rabites and cut through the plants.
  • Just past the plants are 3 more Rabites.
  • Go over to the right across the next bridge.
  • On the far side of the bridge you will find 2 more Rabites.
  • Head on over to the right to arrive in Potos Village.
  • Inside Potos Village, you can talk with any of the villagers.
  • Most will be telling Randi to go see the Elder.
  • Go into the Item Shop, found just down and over to the right, into the first building there.
  • You can find the Bandanna available for 50 GP.
  • Buy the Bandanna to add a little more defense, which will be critical soon.
  • Head down to the next row and into the one building there.
  • This is the Inn, where you can rest and heal for 5 GP, and save your game.
  • From there, go over to the right and then up.
  • You can head tothe right of the Store to find the Pub.
  • Inside the
  • This will bring you to the Elder's House.
  • Just in front of the house is the Elder, Timothy, and Elliot.
  • After talking and being surprised that the Mana Sword has been pulled from the stone.
  • Elliot will push Randi around.
  • An earthquake will strike the village and both Randi and Elliot will fall into a hole that opens in the ground.
  • This will lead you to the Mantis Ant fight.

Mantis Ant[edit]

Save your Candy because Gemma will revive Randi if he dies in the fight.

  • Mantis Ant only has a few attacks and 2 spells.
  • Jog around the boss and wait for it to attack.
  • While it is attacking, Randi should move in and attack the boss from behind.
  • From its standing position, it can use 2 attacks.
  • These attacks are a Swipe Attack and a ranged Wind Cutter attack.
  • It can jump high up and then perform one of its melee attacks.
  • Mantis Ant knows 2 spells, Acid Splash and Gem Missile.
  • Acid splash does low damage, but has a slight chance to poison Randi.
  • Gem Missile does moderate damage.

Next Quest[edit]

Exile from Potos Village

Video Walkthrough[edit]

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