The Underground City is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).
The Underground City is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


"The party manages to obtain the powers of the tree elemental, Dyrad, however, the final Mana Seed seal is broken. The Mana Fortress begins to rise of the ocean depths. Desperate for a way to stop the Fortress, the party heads into the ruins under the Mana Palace."

"Unable to stop Vandole from raising the Mana Fortress, the party heads further into the ruins to block the emperor and his underling Fanha."


Entering the Underground City[edit]

If you are after All Armor Pieces, be sure to farm the Basilisk for a Cockatrice Cap.

  • Flammie will be circling the Mana Palace.
  • Just head back to the Palace, landing on the same island.
  • It is time to go into the Underground City, below the Mana Palace.
  • Once you, the party will see Gemma who you can talk with to learn a bit more about what is going on.
  • He will be wandering around with 2 Dark Knights on the same platform.
  • Head down the stairs from there, using either side.
  • You will encounter a Metal Crawler and Shape Shifter on the second landing.
  • On the second landing, you will encounter another Shape Shifter.
  • Take the stairs down in the middle to continue to the third landing.
  • Continue to the third landing, the second landing with a pair of stairs.
  • This landing has another pair of Dark Knights and Metal Crawler.
  • Go down either set of stairs and continue to the fourth landing.
  • You will see a Soldier and 2 Metal Crawlers.
  • Go down the stairs in the middle to reach the final landing.
  • To progress forward, go over to the stairs on the left and take them down.
  • Going down the stairs on the right leads to a small river you will be stuck in.
  • In this right-hand river you will encounter 2 Steelpion and a Dinofish.
  • Going down the stairs on the left from the final landing will take you in a river that leads to the entrance of the Underground City.
  • Along the way you will encounter Marmablues, Dinofish, and a Soldier you can talk to (after defeating the surrounding enemies).
  • Follow the river: left, down, left, and up.
  • This will bring you inside the opening portion of the Underground City.

The Underground City[edit]

  • Just inside here, you will encounter Steelpion.
  • Go to the left, through the rushing water.
  • On the other side, go over to the Spring and use it to get up to the next level.
  • Equip the axe and remove the glittering crystals by smashing them.
  • On this level, run over to the right to reach the chest you could see earlier.
  • Opening that chest will get the party a Boomerang Orb.
  • Go back to the left.
  • Cut through the glittering gems and go into the doorway.
  • This leads into a large room filled with the gems.
    • Do not step on the switch in the middle of the gems, it will cause them to reappear
  • Time to make the next part easier, so head over to the left.
  • Going to the left, along the bottom of this section, you will find encounter a Marmablue.
  • Past the first river, you will encounter a pair ofSteelpions and a Metal Crawler.
  • One is closer to the first river, the other is closer to the second river.
  • At the far end of this section, you will encounter a pair of Metal Crawlers next to the final river.
  • Defeat them and head up to the North.
  • Break through the crystals to reach the Steelpion in that area.
  • Head back to the right now, to where all the glittering crystals.
  • This time, go upwards, cutting through the crystals with the Axe.
  • Toward the top, you will encounter 2 more Metal Crawlers and a Kimono Bird.
  • Making it past the crystals, you will encounter 2 Steelpion.
  • Continuing to the North, you will find another Steelpion and another 2 Metal Crawler.
  • Turning to the left, you will encounter a pair of Basilisks.
  • Get to the first river flowing to the South.
  • To progress forward, you will need to hit a switch in this passage the river is going through.
  • Along the left-hand side of the passage, you will see an indentation.
  • Swing your active weapon at it to toggle the switch, stopping the flow of water here.
  • Head back to the North and continue to the West.
  • Get into the second river, and continue to the West.
  • Here, you will find a Basilisk and a Marmablue.
  • Defeat them and continue to the third river.
  • Run against the current and keep on the right-hand side.
  • Once again, swing your weapon to hit the switch.
  • This will stop the water, letting you run to the North once again.
  • Head through the doorway there to continue onwards.
  • This brings you to a boss fight against the Hydra.


  • The party is now face to face with the Hydra.
  • This enemy is weak to Salamando, so equip your shortcut with those spells.
  • Cast Flame Saber on the party and start attacking the Boss.
  • When reduced to around half health, the Hydra will lose one its two heads.
  • Refresh your Magic with a Faerie Walnut as needed to loose a barrage of magic to quickly defeat the first boss.

The Underground City, part 2[edit]

  • Go forward into the next room.
  • This will trigger a cutscene between the party, Fanha and Emperor Vandole.
  • Fanha wants to fight the party, but the Emperor orders her to follow him.
  • Go to the North, up the stairs and into the next doorway.
  • This leads into a room with 2 Metal Crawlers and a Kimono Wizard.
  • Defeat the enemies and take the stairs in the bottom right downward.
  • Go to the right when you arrive in this room, fighting through the 2 Metal Crawlers and 2 Steelpions.
  • Take the opening in the wall, with the light coming from it, down into the next section of this area.
  • Head down the short set of stairs to encounter Metal Crawlers, and a pair of Captain Ducks.
  • Go down the upwards moving escalator, on the left-hand side.
  • There is a hidden passage on this side that will reveal a floor switch.
  • Go over to the floor switch and step on it.
  • Continue down the escalator and then go over to the left.
  • You will find 2 Fierce Heads here.
  • Continue to the left and take the small stairs down.
  • Go to the right where you will encounter another Captain Duck and a Kimono Wizard.
  • Going to the right will bring you to a hallway with a door in the Northern wall.
  • This door is guarded by 2 Steelpions.
  • Inside this room you will find Watts, who will allow you to upgrade your weapons.
  • Upgrade all possible weapons to make things easier here.
  • Farther up in the room you will find Krissie, who will restore the Party's HP.
  • Talking with the soldier in this room you will get a sequence: "Red-Blue-Yellow-Green."
  • With the party's HP restored and your weapons upgraded, leave the room and head over to the right.
  • Fight through the Steelpions and go up.
  • Head to the left after that, fighting through or ignoring the Metal Crawlers.
  • Go up and to the left, through the door there.
  • This leads into a corridor where you will immediately encounter 2 Captain Duck and a Basilisk to the left.
  • Head over to the left and through the door on that side.
  • Going into the next room, you will encounter 2 Dark Knights.
  • Go up the left-hand escalator to quickly reach the distance top part of this room.
  • Here, you will encounter 2 more Fierce Heads.
  • Defeat them and then go over the nearby ledge.
  • This will bring you into the next section of the room where you will encounter another Fierce Head and a Captain Duck.
  • Go over to the right, taking the stairs nearby the pool of water upwards.
  • Drop over the next ledge and go to the right.
  • There you will encounter a Steelpion, Captain Duck, and Dark Knight.
  • Going up and to the right, you will encounter a Kimono Wizard guarding another floor switch.
  • Defeat the Wizard, step on the switch and head West, taking the stairs there North.
  • Go to the East, defeating the Kimono Wizard and Metal Crawler, then continue to the East.
  • Just before the stairs down to the South, you will encounter a Kimono Wizard.
  • Go down this long corridor where you will fight: a Dark Knight, Steelpion, and aKimono Wizard.
  • Go over the ledge into the next section of this room.
  • You will see 4 "tiles" on the ground
  • To continue forward, you will need to step on the middle tile between all 4 other tiles.
  • Be wary of this room because of the pair of Dark Knights and a Kimono Wizard.
  • Go through the now open door in the Northwest.
  • This leads into a room with 2 Captain Ducks.
  • Defeat them and continue to the North, up the stairs and over to the West.
  • You will encounter a Shape Shifter pair and another Captain Duck.
  • Continue West and then go South, going down the stairs.
  • Turn to the East and go right, where you will encounter a pair of Basilisk.
  • Head to the bottom right (Southeast), and through the doorway there.
  • Go to the West, past the pool to the next enemy, a Captain Duck.
  • Turn North, going up the nearby stairs, to the next section.
  • This room has 4 switches along the Northern wall, about its center, that you will need to hit in a particular sequence.
  • The room otherwise has 2 Dark Stalkers, and Kimono Wizard.
  • Clear the room of the enemies nearby then it is time to activate the switches in the right order.
  • That order is as follows: "Red-Blue-Yellow-Green."
  • This will remove the blue field blocking the doorway into the next section.
  • Go through where the field was to continue forward.
  • Continue West then South, fighting the Kimono Wizard that is in your way.
  • Take the stairs down and go over to the right, where another Kimono Wizard guards a floor switch.
  • Defeat the Wizard, step on the switch then go over the nearby ledge.
  • To go forward, head to the Northeast, going up the stairs, past the pool of water, and over the next ledge on the far side of the pool.
  • From here, go to the Northeast, through the opening you just made.
  • Go down the corridor, past the enemies, through the doorway, to the Captain Duck.
  • Continue East to find another pair of Escalators guarded by a Fierce Head.
  • Take the escalator down and head through the doorway at the end.
  • This brings you into another room where you will immediately encounter a trio of Dark Stalkers.
  • Go over to the East to the turnstills where you will find a trio of Captain Ducks.
  • Turn North and head over to the Northeast, where you will find an open door to go through.
  • Closer to the train, on your way to the door, you will encounter 2 Dark Stalkers.
  • Head inside the train to continue forward.
  • In the train, you will just want to head to the East.
  • The first car has 3 Ghouls that you can fight.
  • Defeat them and move to the next.
  • At the divide between the cars, you will encounter 2 more Ghouls.
  • In the next car, you will encounter 1 Ghoul before you meet the other 2.
  • This divide between the cars only has 1 Ghoul in it.
  • The following car will have 3 more Ghouls to fight.
  • Once again, the divide will only have 1 Ghoul in it.
  • This leads to the last car of the train.
  • It starts with a Ghoul, but leads to a Eggplant Man.
  • Defeat these foes and head through the door in the bottom right.
  • Outside the train, the party will be attacked by 3 Shape Shifters.
  • Either fight them or run South.
  • Just past the turnstills, you will encounter a pair of Dark Stalkers.
  • Press on to the South from there, which leads you to a Kimono Bird.
  • Reaching the next turn to the left, you will encounter another pair of Dark Stalkers.
  • Just head South, past the next part with the 3 Captain Ducks.
  • Go through the door to continue on forward.
  • On the other side of the door, you will encounter a Dark Stalker.
  • Head to the right, East, and go over the next few ledges.
  • Dropping over the ledges you will encounter a Dark Stalker, and another at the base of all of them.
  • Go West and take the stairs up after that.
  • Go West then take the next set of stairs downward, after dealing with the Captain Duck.
  • Head on through the nearby door.
  • This leads into the final room of this section.
  • Here, the party will once again meet up with the Scorpion Boss and her 2 Minions.
  • They will send their new creation, Kettle Kin against the party to fight them and take the Mana Sword.

Kettle Kin[edit]

  • The Kettle Kin is only vulnerable to physical attacks hitting the mechanism on its back.
  • It will frequently cast Lucid Barrier on itself to protect against physical attacks.
  • It also, occasionally, casts Wall.
  • It can perform a spin attack, which has a chance to render those hit by it Unconscious.
  • Defeat the Kettle Kin to scare off the Scorpion Army
  • From there, just head forward to reach the next section of this, the Grand Palace.

Next Quest[edit]

The Grand Palace

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Underground City

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