The Village and the Ice is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


In order to find the Fire Seed missing from the palace, the party uses Cannon Travel to head for Ice Country.

The tropics within Ice Country's Crystal Forest are said to be a summer paradise compared to the freezing countryside. Randi and his friends decide to search for the Fire Seed there.

Recommended Levels[edit]

  • Party: Lv. 25
  • Magic: Lv. 3
  • Weapons: 3-4


  • Head to the North to reach Kakkara Village.
  • Visit Watts to upgrade your weapons with the orbs you have on hand.
  • You can skip here because it is not far to the next location you can find Watts.
  • Head over to the East to find the nearby Cannon Travel Station.
  • Use this location to travel to Ice Country.
  • This will have your party land in Todo Village.
  • Immediately up from where you land is an Item Shop if you need to restock your supplies.
  • There are a number of people to talk to, but head to the South to find the Inn.
  • To the East of the Inn is the local blacksmith where you can find Watts.
  • You can upgrade weapons here.
  • After that, head out of the town using the Northwestern exit.
  • This leads into the Crystal Forest, where you will encounter 3-5 Howlers almost immediately.
  • Start fighting them and making your way over to the West, through the Forest.
  • Going either along the top or the bottom of the forest, you will encounter a number more Howlers.
  • Head over to the Western portion and follow the path to the South to the next screen.
  • This leads to a small house with a reindeer in front of it.
  • The reindeer is Rudolph, who if talked to, will ask you to help find his master.
  • Go inside the house and over to the chest and open it up.
  • This chest has a Spear Orb inside it for you to collect it.
  • After that, head out of the house and to the South from it.
  • You will face more Howlers in the opening section of this part of the Crystal Forest.
  • Go over to the East and follow the trail to the South.
  • There is a branch off this path that leads to a Cannon Travel Station.
  • Fight your way to the South and over to the West.
  • Be wary because on this path you will encounter more Howlers as well as Shellblast.
  • Heading toward the exit to the next area is a Pebbler.
  • In the starting section of the next screen, you will encounter even more Howlers and a Pebblers.
  • Head to the South and then West.
  • Here you will encounter Bluster Gases waiting for you.
  • This will lead to the middle of the area, from there, turn to the North and head into the next area.
  • Having made your way through the Crystal Forest, you will find yourself facing off against Boreal Face.

Fighting Boreal Face[edit]

  • This fight very much mirrors the Tropicallo fight in the Dwarf Village.
  • While Boreal Face is in its shell, it will be invulnerable to damage from weapons, but magic can hurt it still.
  • Your party should focus on using melee weapons against Boreal Face since it can be difficult to hit with magic.
  • Use any attacks spells that you have at Lv. 3 when you can to do moderate damage to the Boss.
  • Cast any spells on it while Boreal Face is still in its protective bulb.
  • Boreal Face will be moving around the arena in the Counter-Clockwise pattern.
  • It will also be spawning Buds that will result spiked tendrils to go after the party members.
  • Follow Boreal Face around, using your weapons as your main attacks.
  • Use Cure Water if the party falls below 50% health.
  • It will take time, but Boreal Face will fall and you will get a Bow Orb!

Next Quest[edit]

Paradise Village In Ice Country

Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Village and the Ice Video Walkthrough

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