The Witch's Castle is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


Randi receives an axe strong enough to break rocks from Watts the blacksmith. On the dwarf elder's advice, the party heads to the Witch's Castle in the Haunted Forest.


Entering the Castle[edit]

  • Go over to the right to begin here.
  • You will encounter 2 Chobin Hoods and an Eye Spy.
  • Go up and over to the left, where you will encounter a Mushboom and a Chobin Hood.
  • In the middle of this first area is a Werewolf.
  • Just beyond the small area with the Chobin Hood is another Eye Spy.
  • Defeat them and head over to the left to the far side of this central area.
  • Go North as soon as you can and then over to the right.
  • Be wary of the Chobin Hood and another Werewolf in the southern portion of the central plaza.
  • Go into the door in the top central portion of the entrance plaza.

Inside the Castle[edit]

  • This leads into the first room of the Castle.
  • Go forward across the room and step on the floor switch.
  • The gate will rise and the party will be faced with a Eye Spy.
  • Expect it to quickly start summoning Chobin Hoods.
  • Defeat them and go through the door to reach the next room.
  • Here, you will encounter 3 Polter Chairs in this room you can defeat or run past.
  • Go up the stairs in the next room where you will encounter 2 Eye Spies will be attacking the party.
  • Clearing them will give you easy access to the 2 floor switches in the back left and right of the room.
  • Stepping on the right-hand switch leads into a small room with 3 Polter Chairs.
  • Stepping on the switch in the back left leads into a large room.
  • Just in front of you is a pair of Werewolves who is ready to fight.
  • Defeat them and head over to the left.
  • There is another floor switch, but this one will not immediately activate when you step on it.
  • Go down the stairs South of you.
  • This leads you down into the dungeons where you will find a number of soldiers.
  • Go to the first cell and interact with the soldiers there.
  • The bars will drop, and keep talking with the soldier to learn how to activate the floor switch thwarting you.
  • Go to the next cell to the right.
  • Here, you will find Neko who will offer to save your game and sell you items.
  • Go back up the stairs and step onto the switch.
  • The whole party will automatically gather on the switch to activate it.
  • Head across the bridge that appears, you will confront an Eye Spy.
  • Go through the door beyond it to continue forward.
  • This leads to another room with 2 more Eye Spies to beat.
  • This room has 3 doors in the back that you will need to explore.
  • The door in the back left leads into a small room with 3 Blats.
  • The room in the back right has 3 Polter Chairs.
  • Finally, the middle door in the back has you progressing forward through to a medium room.
  • Go over to the left and immediately turn North when you can.
  • Head left to encounter another Eye Spy who is guarding the next switch you need to step on.
  • Defeat it and any Chobin Hoods it summons.
  • Go just to the South of where it was to find the switch you need.
  • A section of wall will move, clearing the path to the Western portion of this room.
  • Head back around and over to the Western side of the room, then North to reach the door to the next room.
  • This medium-sized room is the last one before the boss fight.
  • At the bottom of the stairs you will find 2 Polter Chairs.
  • Go on up the stairs in this room to find Elinee.
  • Approach and talk with her to have her move into the next room.
  • This will trigger a cutscene where we see Dyluck get sent away by Elinee to Thanatos.
  • From there, she summons her "pet" to deal with the party so she can keep stealing souls.

Spikey Tiger Fight[edit]

  • The Spikey Tiger can be an easy fight if you have been leveling up your favorite weapons and the characters.
  • The Tiger starts on the walkway with the rest of the party.
  • Immediately have the party start attacking the Spikey Tiger before it starts into its attacks.
  • It will likely begin by balling up, spinning and bouncing everywhere in the section of the walkway it is in.
  • The tiger will likely then jump out of its ball and come back to its normal stance.
  • Once again, move in and use charged attacks with your Level 2 weapons while the rest of the party does what they can.
  • Just after this, the tiger will likely jump up onto one of the platforms in the back of the walkway.
  • Now it can only really be hit by the Spear, bow or Boomerang (ranged weapons).
  • One attack it does not always use is a ball pounce attack, where it simply jumps up and then lands back either where it was or at the other end of the walkway.
  • This can do light damage and knock those nearby hit by it back.
  • Finishing this fight will get you the Boomerang Orb.

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Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Witch's Castle Walkthrough

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