To Kakkara Village and the Empire is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


According to the townsfolk, Cannon Travel has started offering trips to the empire. Randi and his friends decide to ask the Cannon Man to help them infiltrate the empire.

The party finds themselves in the empire, but in order to leave Southtown, they need to learn the secret code. Stumped, they decide to ask the people in town.


  • Having made your way back to Kakkara Village, you will want to start by visiting Watts.
  • Upgrade your numerous weapons that you have orbs for from the Fire Palace.
  • After that, you want to talk with the pink-haired woman behind the Inn in town.
  • She will remark on leaving town, but also mention that the Cannon Travel Station has opened a route to the Empire.
  • Head over to the Eastern side of Kakkara Village and to the Cannon Travel Station.
  • Opt to travel to the Empire to begin this section of the story.
  • Head over to the West to reach the first part of the Imperial Cities.
  • The first you reach is South City.
  • Follow the walkway over to the South, to the South and up onto the wall walkway.
  • Go along the walkway and along it over to the ground.
  • You will find numerous people to talk to and a Store.
  • Ignore the store for now, because there is another, better store in the next city.
  • Head to the Northwestern part to see the old lady, Mara, who will head into her house when the party approaches her.
  • Go inside the building to talk with her.
  • She will give the party the code to get into the Sewers to reach Northtown.
  • Head over to the Eastern side of town, past the Inn/Store.
  • Talk with the guard by the door, who will ask for the code you got from Mara: 634
  • He will move aside to admit the party into the Sewers.

Next Quest[edit]

The Sewers

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Kakkara Village and the Empire Video Walkthrough

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