To the Water Palace is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


Randi mus travel from his home village of Potos to the Water Palace.


  • Head down to the next screen, you will almost immediately be attacked by a Rabite.
  • If you take the first right-hand path here, this will lead you to a Cannon Travel Station.
  • Gemma has paid your fare so you can "ride" for free this time.
  • Otherwise, continue to the South.
  • Go across the short bridge where you will need to deal with another Rabite.
  • Just around the bend from the rabite is a Lullabud.
  • Continue to the left from here.
  • On the way you will encounter a Mushboom.
  • Be wary of its spores or headbutt. The spores can poison and it can knock you out.
  • Go across the bridge then turn to the North.
  • Be wary as you head North, there is a Lullabud hiding against the trees on the left, waiting in ambush.
  • North of where the Lullabud ambushed you is a road off to the left.
  • Going down this short road will lead to Neko's Inn.
  • This will introduce Randi to the traveling Cat Merchant Neko.
  • Neko sells a wide variety of items throughout the game and can be found in a number of places.
  • He does charge more for the same items because of his convenience, so be warned.
  • Head back to the Main path to the East.
  • Follow it to the North and into the beginnings of the Water Palace.
  • Before crossing into the water, talk with the Soldiers here to meet Dyluck and his squad.
  • Apparently they are headed into the Haunted Forest to deal with the Witch, Elinee there.
  • When you either talk with all of them, or head North into the water, they will head into the nearby teleporter.
  • Continue to the North.
  • Cross through the water in front of you and through the double doors into the Water Palace.
  • Gemma will meet you there and tell you to go inside.
  • Once inside the Water Palace, follow Gemma through the first room
  • Step on the floor switch next to the top left torch to cause a staircase to appear.
  • Go forward, through the shallow pool on the next platform.
  • Go up the stairs and step on either floor switch to activate another staircase.
  • Take the stairs up and you will find Gemma and a young woman.
  • Go forward and approach the young woman.
  • Talk with her to learn she is Luka.
  • After that, talk with Gemma twice, and Luka once to progress the conversation forward.
  • Gemma will leave to go question what the Empire is up to.
  • He will suggest that Randi go to Gaia's Navel to reforge the sword.
  • Toward the end of the conversation, Luka will have Randi seal the Mana seed with his sword.
  • Luka will present Randi with the Spear at the end of the conversation.
  • Now it is time to head for Gaia's Navel via Pandora.

Next Quest[edit]

Visiting Gaia's Navel

Video Walkthrough[edit]

To the Water Palace - First Visit Video Walkthrough

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