Tropicallo in Secret of Mana.

Tropicallo is an Enemy in Secret of Mana.


Stats Value
HP 350
MP 0
Type Plant

Fighting Tropicallo[edit]

Get Randi to Level 7-8

  • Now it is time to fight Tropicallo.
  • It will mostly attack by throwing Exploding Pumpkins at Randi.
  • Using both the Spear and the Sword, this can be a very easy fight.
  • The sword is best for attack Tropicallo at the times it is closer to the rocks.
  • It will also release vines sprouts that will move toward Randi and attack him.
  • Attack the sprouts to stop the vines from coming after you.
  • They have approximately 60 HP
  • After a short while, Tropicallo will pull back into its bud then go underground.
  • From here, it can appear in 1 of 3 places: center, left, and right.
  • When it is on the right, you will want to switch to Spear so you can reach Tropicallo.
  • Alternate between attacking the Boss and its sprouts to manage the things you have coming after you.
  • Take your time and use Candy if needed.


  • EXP: 80
  • GP: 132


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