Vampire in Secret of Mana.

Vampire is an Enemy in Secret of Mana.


Stats Value
HP 2250
MP 99
Type Demon
  • Will frequently fly during the battle.
  • Cannot be hurt while its wings are closed.
  • It can cast Freeze and Energy Absorb.

Fighting the Vampire[edit]

  • The Vampire can be tricky fight because it will spend a lot of time in the air.
  • Only magic can hit the Vampire while it is airborne, because the Bow and Javelin weapons will miss.
  • To hit the vampire with weapons it first needs to land.
  • It is only vulnerable while its wings are open.
  • The Vampire has a melee swipe attack that can poison those its hits.
  • It can also fly over party members, drop down, then grab and throw those below it.
  • Be wary it will frequently cast Freeze lv. 4 on your party members.
  • Keep on the move throughout the fight, pausing only to cast spells.
  • It will not take long to defeat the Vampire.
  • You will be rewarded with a Boomerang Orb for your efforts.


Rewards Value
EXP 5148
GP 696
  • Drops
    • Boomerang Orb


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