Visiting Gaia's Navel is a Quest in Secret of Mana (SOM).


The Mana Sword needs to be reforged and the dwarves should have a skilled enough blacksmith. Randi needs to make his way to Gaia's Navel and into the Dwarf Village.


  • With the Spear in hand and the Water Seed sealed, it is time to make your way to Gaia's Navel.
  • Head out of the Water Palace and start making your way back to Pandora.
  • Continue South along the path to the South.
  • This will take you past the road to Neko's Inn.
  • Deal with the Lullabuds and Rabites in the area.
  • If you walked to the Water Palace, then Kid Goblins will ambush and kidnap Randi.
  • This will introduce Primm who will rescue Randi.
  • After that, head to the East and follow the road back to Pandora.
  • Go to the split in the paths and head South to reach Pandora.
  • Follow the path South and over to the East.
  • There are a few Rabites and Lullabuds.
  • Go down the stairs to the South and follow the road to the West.
  • On this path you will find a Mushboom.
  • On the other side of the next bridge is another Mushboom.
  • Use the Sword to cut through the plants in your way.
  • Go to the East across the next bridge on your path.
  • Fight on through the Lullabuds and Mushbooms.
  • Follow the road to the South to make your way to Pandora.

  • You can stop in Pandora to get a little better armor.
  • You can head South and over to the West to start along the path toward Gaia's Navel.
  • Out of Pandora to the West and follow the road to that way.
  • As the road turns to the North, you will encounter a Mushboom, Buzz Bee, and Lullabud.
  • Follow the road to the Northwest, then cut across the field to the North.
  • From there, follow the road to the East after that.
  • Go across the bridge, where you will find another pair of Mushbooms and a Buzz Bee.
  • Follow the road to the North after that, and then over to the West.
  • Fight through the Lullabud and Rabites.
  • Head over to the West through enemies, to reach another junction in the road.
  • If you head to the West at the junction, this will lead you to Kippo Village.
  • Head to the North after that and turn to the North.
  • This will lead you to the outer portion of Gaia's Navel.
  • Head over to the East and follow the path around, you will encounter Mushboom.
  • Head across the bridge to the to the North.
  • On the other side is a Buzz Bee waiting to attack you.
  • As you approach the water, you will encounter 2 more Lullabuds.
  • Go across the running water to the West.
  • From there, continue down to the South from there, dealing with the Mushboom there.
  • Go down the stairs there to the South.
  • Continue along the path to the East then North.
  • Go up into the water and follow it to the West.
  • Head through the water to the West, where you will encounter a Buzz Bee.
  • Go down the stairs to the South after dealing with the Bee.
  • Follow the path over to the East and fight through the Buzz Bees.
  • Go to the North and into the water.
  • Head to the top left waterfall and go inside the Waterfall and get inside the caves.

  • Inside the cave, you will encounter 2 Blats and just after that, a Green Drop and a Kid Goblin.
  • Take out the Blats and the Kid Goblin, it can be difficult to deal with the Green Drop.
  • Head North and into the doorway there.
  • In there, you can head Northward, fighting the Kid Goblins to reach the next set of stairs above you.
  • In this room, you will find another set of Blats.
  • Go over to the left and up the stairs nearby.
  • Go around the small pool of water to the left then down the other sides on the far side.
  • Be mindful of the Kid Goblin by the pool.
  • Go into the upper left doorway.
  • This leads to a hallway with numerous Kid Goblins.
  • Take them on individually.
  • Hit the skull in the very back of this room.
  • It will cause the water to flood out of the pool in the previous room.
  • Head to the South and back into the previous room.
  • Go over to the right and then go through the bottom right doorway.
  • This will bring you through a hallway.
  • On the far side, you will need to battle through 2 Kid Goblins and a Mushboom.
  • Go down the stairs South of you.
  • From there, go over to the right and take on the Blats
  • From there, go South through another long hallway.
  • On the far side of the hallway is another Kid Goblin.
  • Head along the hallway to the left, down, and over to the right.
  • Be mindful of the Kid Goblin and the Green Drop.
  • Go across the land bridge and then turn to the North.
  • Defeat the Blat and then go around to the right and down the nearby stairs.
  • Go over to the right at the bottom of the stairs and up the stairs on the right-hand side of this room.
  • This leads to a small, previously inaccessible portion where you can see a Kid Goblin asleep under another switch.
  • Hit the switch, defeat the goblin and head back down the stairs.
  • Go over to the left where you can see the stone landed from above.
  • Go up the stairs on the left in the middle.
  • Head upwards to reach the doorway that will take you into the Dwarf Village.

Next Quest[edit]

Dwarven Hospitality

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