The City Budget Panel in SimCity 5

You can view how many Simoleons you currently have and how many you are making (or losing) per hour. If you are making Simoleons per hour, the number here will be green, and if you’re losing Simoleons per hour, the number will be red.

Click the Simoleons icon to open the City Budget panel and view an itemized list of expenses, income, and other recent transactions, or take out a loan. Look at the statistics to spot just where you’re in the red and where you’re making bank. Study your high expenses carefully: if there isn't much reward from them, perhaps you should choose to invest your city’s funds elsewhere. The bottom of the expenses and income chart lists your total hourly Simoleons.

The loans section of the panel allows you to borrow money from different financial institutions. Loans provide your city with a quick influx of funds, but they need to be paid back periodically with interest.

On the right of the City Budget is your tax information and bank balance. Once you have a Town Hall, you can start adjusting taxes for your city. Use the tax section of the Budget panel to adjust the percentage you tax Residential, Commercial, or Industrial sectors of the city.

You can further adjust taxes for your city after you have built the Department of Finance upgrade for your Town Hall.