Eva Stanton in SimCity V

Eva Stanton is a citizen in SimCity 5

She is the city administrator of Summer Shoals

You can find her near the Town Hall


I'm Eva Stanton, your city administrator. Welcome to Summer Shoals. We really need your help! You may have noticed the protesters. Our last mayor left the city in a terrible state. We're hoping you can fix it up for us. First, we need to connect to the outside world! We're cut off! Nobody can move in! Please fix our highway!

Well done Mayor! Every town needs a connection to the Highway. Now construction trucks can build new houses and residents can move in! Once they get settled, our residents can use the highway to commute to Lucky Shores! Thanks so much!

Mayor, we used to have a Water Tower, but it was destroyed in a storm just a few months back. The town's getting thirsty, but they don't like the idea of relying on another Water Tower. I have just the solution! Lucky Shores, the Big City just to the west has plenty of water. Head to the region to make a deal with Lucky Shores.

Your honor, Summer Shoals has a Coal Power Plant, but the previous mayor turned off coal deliveries to save a buck. Now we've run out of coal and the plant has shut down! Since you're connected to the highway, you need to turn on coal deliveries and we can start buying coal from the Global Market!

Mayor, I'm, up to my neck in complainta and calls! We had to close the Police Station to save some money. Most people have been on their best behavior. But we've seen a recent uptick in crime. If you ask me, I think they're coming from Lucky Shore. But it's impolite to speculate. Best to open that Police Station!

Ugh, Mayor. This town stinks! It's all the garbage. We've been relying on Lucky Shores to provide garbage collection and it has been a while since it's been collected. I gave Mayor Keno over there a call and I think I convinced him to send a truck over. We don't have full coverage, but the occasional garbage truck should help. You should check to see that the truck is coming.

Mayor, I don't think that stink was only from garbage. We have another smelly problem running right under our roads. Sewage is pooling in the pipes under the roads. If it doesn't have somewhere to go it'll start backing up in people's backyards! We need a Sewage Outflow Pipe!. It's not the cleanest solution, but we need to send that sewage somewhere.

Good Job with that fire, mayor. I've got a new problem that I think you can solve. Some area parents are concerned. Our schools are overcrowded. We can't teach all the kids without more classrooms! If we don't educate our residents, our local industry will stay in the dark ages. Let's teach those kids!

Lucky Shores has been good for Summer Shoals. Many of our workers commute there to work in Lucky Shores' Casinos. Lucky Shores is quite a busting gambling city. You should go there and check where our workers are commuting.

Wow, that's terrible news about Lucky Shores. Mayor, I hope there wan't too much damage. I sent a fire truck over there as soon as I heard. You've done a remarkable job rejuvenating Summer Shoals. It's great to have you around, but I think I can take it from here. You should go start a fresh region and build your own city from Scratch!

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