These are the keyboard controls for SimCity (A.K.A. SimCity 5)

General Controls[edit]

Command Key
Control camera W/A/S/D/number keys/arrow keys
Rotate camera Q/E
Zoom camera Z/X
Tilt camera up/down END/HOME
Camera zoom in/out +/- or PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN
Back out of current menu or tool ESC (while tool or menu is open)
Options menu ESC (while no tool or menu is open)
Population information F2
Budget information F3
Approval Rating information F4
Open chat/Region Wall ENTER
Enter/Exit region view BACKSPACE
Screen capture C
Video capture V
Residential zoning tool CTRL + R
Commercial zoning tool CTRL + C
Industrial zoning tool CTRL + I
Unzoning tool CTRL + U
Upgrade road tool R
Bulldoze tool B
Leaderboards L
Achievements ;

Data Maps Controls[edit]

Command Key
Population F5
Happiness F6
Land Value F7
Commerce F8
Building Density F9
Residential System F10
Commercial System F11
Industrial System F12
Cycle through data maps
(when a menu is open)
[ / ]

Time Controls[edit]

Command Key
Pause ~
Turtle 1
Llama 2
Cheetah 3

Resource Maps[edit]

Command Key
Water Map 4
Coal Map 5
Ore Map 6
Oil Map 7

Menu Controls[edit]

Command Key
Disasters Shift + X
Roads Shift + R
Power Shift + P
Water Shift + W
Sewage Shift + S
Garbage Shift + D
Government Shift + G
Fire Shift + F
Health Shift + H
Police Shift + C
Education Shift + E
Mass Transit Shift + T
Parks Shift + U
City Specialization Shift + B
Next menu or sub menu Tab
Previous menu or sub menu Shift + Tab

Road Shortcuts[edit]

(With road menu open)

Command Key
Straight Road Tool I
Circle Road Tool O
Curvy Road Tool U
Rectangle Road Tool H
Arc Road Tool J
Upgrade Road Tool R
Constrain Road Type SHIFT
Toggle Grid On/Off ALT

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