Sewage Outflow Pipe in SimCity 5

What goes in must come out, and a lot comes out of your Sims. The question is, what do you do with all of their sewage? If left alone, sewage gets dumped in backyards and brings down the quality and health of your city. Build a Sewage Output Pipe to provide an output location, and place it away from your other buildings. Waste from the pipe is converted into ground pollution, but until you have earned the proper City Hall upgrade to find a cleaner solution, it’s the only solution.

Sewage Stats[edit]

The Sewage menu’s Info tab displays several statistics that can be a huge help in managing your Sims’ waste. The gauge displays how well you’re meeting the city’s demand for sewage removal, while the mouseover stats show how much sewage is produced, your sewage system capacity, and any importing/exporting of sewage with neighbors. The bar on the right shows the percentage of your city’s waste that is being treated.

Sewage Maps[edit]

While on the Sewage menu, use the Data Map tab to switch between different data layers.

Ground Pollution[edit]

View where ground pollution is, how damaging it is, and what buildings produce it.


View your city’s sewage levels by building and see where it is flowing.