A Garbage Truck in SimCity 5


The more Sims in your city, the more trash they produce. If you let it pile up, it can lead to fires, injuries, and sickness, and can also bring down the overall appeal of your city. Start collecting waste from homes by building a Garbage Dump. Select the Garbage Dump and move your cursor over the map. As you survey a suitable location, the roads around your building cursor are highlighted to indicate the coverage area. Once you are satisfied with the location, left-click to place the Garbage Dump. The dump only comes with two garbage trucks, which may not be enough for your city. Consider adding more as your city grows to ensure that all of the waste your Sims produce is being collected properly.

Recycling is another option in the Waste Disposal menu. The facility helps reduce garbage problems and pollution caused by waste disposal. Recovered metal, alloy, and plastic can be used in your city or sold on the Global Market.

Recycling isn't just good for the environment; it's also good for your business. Recycling provides your city with alloy, plastic, and metal. These are key resources used in the Electronics industry, and they can be traded for extra Simoleons.


While in the GARBAGE AND RECYCLING tab of the Waste Disposal menu, you can view important details on the Info tab. You can also see how many Simoleons your garbage collection is costing you per hour.


While on the Waste Disposal menu, use the Data Maps tab to switch between different data layers.


View garbage/recycling levels and see where trash is piling up the most.

Ground Pollution[edit]

View where ground pollution is, how damaging it is, and what buildings are producing the most of it.

Air Pollution[edit]

View where air pollution is blanketing your city and which buildings are the biggest polluters.

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