Flavius from Skyforge

Flavius is an NPC in Skyforge.

He is the god of science.

Herida sends you to talk to him at the beginning of the game.

You can talk to Flavius's hologram at the Research Center on Aelinar.

He gives you training and class related quests.

Also next to him you will find entrances to the Training Room where you can try different classes and practice your skills and abilities.


Flavius is no ordinary god, his vocation is science. But don't let that discourage you. He is a miracle worker in his way.

Intro dialog[edit]

Flavius: A rookie? Hello! How do you like being immortal? Letting it go to your head yet? Oh, I should introduce myself, I'm Flavius. I'm trying to advance science here while others are waving their swords.

Player: (Ask him if he is serious)

Flavius: Of course I am serious. Aside from me, no one's even trying to understand how things work in this world!

Player: (Ask Flavius where he is)

Flavius: Oh, right! This is my holographic form. I don't have time to run back and forth, and there are so many immortals nowadays. Many things to do, you know... Alright, back to business.

Player: (Remind him about the training)

Flavius: Indeed, what are we waiting for? See that Transport Capsule? In you go! I'll join you in the Training Hall.


Research Center
Research Center

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