A Night To Remember in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

“A Night To Remember” is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


  • Any Tavern (At level 14)


Head into any Bar or Tavern. There you have a chance to meet Sam Guevenne. Talk with Sam. He will challenge you to a drinking contest. Accept this challenge to begin the Daedric quest. He will offer you a staff if you out drink him.

A Night To Remember

The contest begins and is over by the third drink. The thing is that Sam will offer to take you somewhere "A place where the wine flows like water." And here is where you will black out and the fun really begins.

Temple of Dibella[edit]

A Night To Remember

When the Dragonborn reawakens you will be in the Temple of Dibella in Markarth. Talk to the priestess Senna who will tell you about what you did in the temple. She is very angry with you for making a mess of their Temple. You can apologize, attempt to persuade or bribe to learn what has happened here. If you persuade or bribe successfully, you do not need to collect the items that are scattered throughout the temple.

The most information is given when you apologize and pick up the items scattered throughout the Temple. Specifically: 2 Bottles of Alto Wine, a Giant's Toe a Hagraven Feather and a note from Sam: Repair Supplies.


A Night To Remember

When you arrive in Rorikstead you will need to find Ennis. He is not happy because you stole his prize goat, Gleda. You can talk with him about Gleda and what you did with the goat, Intimidate, Bribe or Persuade.

A Night To Remember

Head to the South, if you are getting Gleda back. You will find a Giant wandering about with a goat. This is Grok who is not immediately hostile. When you get the goat to follow you though, Grok will turn hostile. If you have the spell, Calm, hit Grok with it then you can easily grab the goat and get away without him going hostile on you.

Either when you get Gleda back to Ennis or use your speech skills, you will learn that you need to head to Whiterun and talk with Ysolda.


A Night To Remember

Head into town and find Ysolda. She will tell that you bought a ring from her on credit. Since there is not going to be a wedding now, she wants the ring back.

Once again you can retrieve the ring or pay, persuade or intimidate her.

If you choose to get the ring back you will need to head for Witchmist Grove. There you will find Moira, a Hagraven. She is happy you are back and will talking about consummate the love you two share. You can only ask for the ring back. This will turn her hostile. Defeat her and reclaim the Wedding Ring from here.

Either from your speechcraft or retrieving the ring, Ysolda will direct you to Morvunskar.


A Night To Remember

Head out to Morvunskar which will be marked on your map. Going through this you will need to deal with a lot of Hostile mages on the way through to your destination. This will get you to a fort. Make your way through to the ascending staircase that leads to the small throne. There will be a light at the top of the stairs. Head inside it. This will lead you to the Misty Grove.

Misty Grove[edit]

A Night To Remember

Inside this location you will find Sam Guevenne. He will reveal himself to be Sanguine, the Daedric Prince of Debauchery. he will congratulate you on tracking him down. He will reward you with the Sanguine Rose. He will then teleport you back to the pub that you met him at.