Talk to Sorine Jurard to start the quest "Ancient Technology" in Skryim: Dawnguard

Ancient Technology is a side quest in Skyrim: Dawnguard.

It is only available to Dawnguards.

Starting Location[edit]

The quest Ancient Technology starts in Fort Dawnguard

Quest Giver[edit]

Ancient Technology is given by Sorine Jurard.


Sorine Jurard has sent me to retireve the Enhanced Crossbow Schematic from Halted Stream Camp. She will be able to use it to master new technology to provide to the Dawnguard members


Retrieve the Dwemer Exploding Shock Bolt Schematic / Dwemer Enhanced Crossbow Schematic / Dwemer Exploding Fire Bolt Schematic / Dwemer Exploding Ice Bolt Schematic / Dwemer Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow Schematic

From Redoran's Retreat / Kagrenzel / Halted Stream Camp


Schematic type and location will vary. Go to the dungeon specified and you should find the schematics in a chest at the end of the dungeon[1]

Go back to Fort Dawnguard and turn in the quest to Sorine.


  1. Skyrim Dawnguard Side Quests Walkthrough: Ancient Technology

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