Companion Hall: Jorrvaskr

The companions are an Order of Warriors. Brothers and Sisters in honor. And they show up to solve problems if the coin is good enough.

Companions Guild are headquartered in Jorrvaskr

To start the Companions Guild questline, you need to go talk to their leaders in Jorrvaskr and you will be given the first quest in the series, Take Up Arms[1]

Major NPCs[edit]


The Circle

Main Quests[edit]

Take Up Arms

Trouble in Skyrim

Proving Honor

The Silver Hand

Blood's Honor

Purity of Revenge

Glory of the Dead

Side Quests[edit]

Many of these quests are radiant. The location and target will vary. This allows most of them to be repeated an unlimited number of times for Gold. If you do not see a quest you are after, just exit and re-enter Jorrvaskr to change the available quest and reset the Radiant Quests.

First Quests - Available after completing Take Up Arms

Animal Extermination

Hired Muscle

Trouble in Skyrim

Family Heirloom

Escaped Criminal

Rescue Mission

Second Quests - Available after completing The Silver Hand

  • Any quests you do not get before completing Purity of Revenge will become unavailable after.

Striking the Heart

Stealing Plans


Final Quests - Available after completing Glory of the Dead

Totems of Hircine


Dragon Seekers - Must have also completed the main quest: Dragon Rising

Harbinger Status[edit]

Becoming Harbinger gives you a number of benefits.

A number of the Companions can now be followers: