“Containment” is a College of Winterhold Faction Quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


College of Winterhold



Head on out to the Courtyard of the College of Winterhold. The first priorty righth now is to find Savos Aren and see what has become of him. He is not too hard to find. He's also not moving:

Savos Aren's body

Tolfdir will approach the Dragonborn after they find the body and ask to the cause. They then bring Tolfdir up to speed on what has been happening with Ancano and the Eye of the Magnus. He goes to head into the Hall and asks that the Dragonborn goes to attend to the town of Winterhold. Head on outside. There Faralda await. She is quick to join in the aid to Winterhold. Run out along the bridge and then get into the city.

There are 10 creatures that have infested Winterhold that need to be dealt with:

The Magic Anomalies

There are 10 Magic Anomalies scattered through the town. It is a very good idea to use more precision spells as there are cases where the anomaly will be above a person. First, relations are a little strained to begin with regarding the college. Secondly, killing townsfolk can cut off future quest lines. It is possible to just pull the Anomalies with the right spells cast directly at them. Luring them all to the bridge is a great way to ensure that the townsfolk will be in minimal danger. As the Anomalies are defeated, they will explode into an ash pile. Search them for Soul Gems. When the last of them are defeated the Dragonborn is prompted to return to Mirabelle Ervine.

Head back into the College and go into the Hall of the Elements. Go and talk with Mirabelle and she will quickly inform the Dragonborn that they need to seek out the Staff of Magnus. Time to head for the Labyrinthian.


Next Quest[edit]

The Staff of Magnus