Destroy the Dark Brotherhood! in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

“Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!” is a Dark Brotherhood Faction Quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim



Kill Astrid[edit]

Complete Innocence Lost and you will be brought to the Abandoned Shack. You will need to kill Astrid instead of the hostage she has there. Attack her while she is on the bookcase. Do not relent while is jumping down. She is vulnerable and cannot retaliate until she lands. Likely you can kill her before she lands or just after that. Loot her body for a full Dark Brotherhood Armor, the Abandoned Shack Key and a Blade of Woe.

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!

Report Astrid's death to a Guard[edit]

With Astrid dead, head into any town and talk with a Guard about the Dark Brotherhood. You will be directed to Dragon Bridge to speak with Commander Maro.

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!

Speak with Commander Maro[edit]

You will find him in the Penitus Oculatus Outpost. Maro will give you other honor of defeating the Dark Brotherhood yourself.

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!

Kill everyone in the Sanctuary![edit]

Go to Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. You will need to go through and kill everyone inside the Sanctuary. They will all be found in different rooms instead of all in one place. Take your time and eliminate them one at a time. Be sure to head in with a number of health potions and others appropriate for your style.

Go to the door that leads into the Sanctuary. It will ask for a passphrase, the answer is Silence, Brother. Go inside the Sanctuary and it will be time to start eliminating them.

Entering while the Brotherhood is asleep makes things easier. Each of the members can be found in individual rooms. Abjorn will be found in his room. Veezara can be found in the main chamber. Lis will also hunt down the Dragonborn, but Babette cannot be found in the Sanctuary.

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!

Gabriella can be found nearby the Arcane Enchanter.

Take your time dealing with each of them and keep them separate. Together, they can be a challenge. If you sneak through or just brutally attack them individually, it will make things easier.

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!

Continue past that to the East, up the stairs. Nazir can be found in this area as well.

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!

Head to the South to find Festus Krex.

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!

When you have killed everyone, you will be prompted to return to Dragon Bridge.

Report back to Commander Maro[edit]

Return to Dragon Bridge and report to Commander Maro. He will give you 3,000 gold for your efforts.

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!