Fish Hatchery in Skyrim Hearthfire

Fish Hatchery is a Unique Structure you can add to your backyard in Skyrim: Hearthfire

How build a fish hatchery in Skyrim Hearthfire[edit]

The Fish Hatchery can only be added to the Windstad Manor in Hjaalmarch. It cannot be added to other houses.

You should have the option to build the Fish Hatchery using the Carpenter's Workbench once you have added a door to your house.

The Fish Hatchery is found under the MISC tab in the Carpenter's Workbench

How to add fish to a fish hatchery in Skyrim Hearthfire[edit]

Target the Fish Hatchery and in your inventory under food or ingredients select the fish to add, for example Abecean Longfin.


3x Sawn Log

3x Quarried Stone

4x Nails


Abecean Longfin

Clam Meat

Cyrodilic Spadetail

River Betty

Salmon Roe

Silverside Perch

slaughterfish egg