Good Intentions

“Good Intentions” is a College of Winterhold Faction Quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


College of Winterhold


Tolfdir by the Eye

Having talked with Urag gro-Shub about the book Night of Tears, he will ask you to mention this book to Toldfir. Tolfdir has the Eye of the Mangus inside the College. Head to the marked area and approach Toldfir. Talk with him then listen to him as he explains what he has learned about the markings on the Eye of the Magnus. The main part of this lecture is he can't decipher them as they are unlike anything he's previously encountered. The problem you will encounter is Ancano who comes in and demands to talk with the Dragonborn:

Ancano demanding your attention

Ancano needs help to talk with a Monk then remove him from the grounds of the college. He will take the Dragonborn into the Archmage's Quarters to talk with this person. Just follow. There is a chance to talk with Savos Aren and then you can approach Quaranir who will once again freeze time.

Quaranir in the Arch-Mage's Quarters

He explains that it has been exceptionally difficult to make contact and states that the Eye is responsible. He will explain that the Eye is an immensely powerful artifact and it should not be here. He will send the Dragonborn to seek out the Augur of Dunlain. the best thing you can do immediately is start with the people around the college:


Professes to know nothing of the Augur's location.

Savos Aren:

Is annoyed that Tolfdir is telling stories again. He asks the Dragonborn to put an end to that.

Colette Marence:

Has a tragic tale to tell. There is apparently a ghost that still roams the halls from an experiment gone terribly wrong.

Urag go-Shub:

Says next to nothing on the subject.

Mirabelle Ervine:

She will say it is nothing of concern. With persuasion she can be coerced into revealing the location of where to find the Augur.

The other apprentices around the hall know very little about it. They will all direct the Dragonborn toward talking with Tolfdir. Nirya shows more concern about her rivalry with Faralda than anything else. Still, if one knows the location, then they can head directly for it.


He will recall that it has been years since he heard from the Augur. He tells the Dragonborn that the Augur can be found in The Midden. This dungeon rests below the college.

Head into the Hall of Countenance, the dorm of the College of Winterhold. Head to the Southern part of it and go to the right of the stairs. Look on the floor there to find a trap door. This is the access point to The Midden. There is a second access point to the Midden found just North of the door to the Hall of the Elements in the courtyard of the College.

Access to the Midden through the Hall of Countenance

Head on through either access point to reach The Midden

The Midden

Head on down the stairs. There is a corridor to the North. Be wary as the Dragonborn goes down either corridor to the left or right as there are Draugr to deal with. Going to the left will lead the Dragonborn to the Atronach Forge where they can get some useful items via creation. Going to the right will lead on toward the goal and Draugr.

Keep on the floor and ignore the stairs, more than anything, the general progression should be downward. This will lead the Dragonborn to the The Midden Dark.

The Midden Dark

Head down into the Midden Dark and follow the stairs. Go across the icy bridge and up the stairs on the far side. Run over to the West and through the corridor there. The Dragonborn is on the right track if a disembodied voice continues to talk at them. This leads to a locked door:

The Door to the Augur

Approach the door and try it. After that just wait until the Augur of Dunlain unlocks the door barring the way forward. Talk with is "artifact" to learn more about what is happening and who it has been talking with recently. It will explain that to use the Eye without being blinded, one is required to have the Staff of Magnus. It will give the Dragonborn the knowledge and tell them to deliver it to the Arch-mage. Head out the same way that was used to come in to make things simple. After that just find the Arch-mage Savos Aren and pass on what has been told to the Dragonborn.

Next Quest[edit]

Revealing the Unseen