Hunt and Gather in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

“Hunt and Gather” is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is a freeform quest given by Wylandriah in Riften.




Talk with Wylandriah while in Riften. She will explain that she needs these items for an odd little experiment that she is working on. She claims to have misplaced them while traveling, so they are well scattered across Skyrim.

Wylandriah's Spoon[edit]

Fellstar Farm

Head over to Ivarstead. You will want to go to Fellstar Farm. The Satchel with Wylandriah's Spoon sits on the table against the wall.

Wylandriah's Satchel

Getting this while in good standing can be tricky as you need to enter the house after everyone else has gone in. However, you can also just break in during the day at some point when everyone else is away and no guards are looking.

Wylandriah's Soul Gem[edit]

The White Phial

Travel to Windhelm in Eastmarch Hold. Once there you will want to find the While Phial. This is the local alchemy shop.

Wylandriah's Satchel

Go inside during business hours (or break in after them). Once inside, find the stair case. Look beneath it to spot a pair of barrels. On one of them is the satchel with Wylandriah's Soul Gem.

Orichalcum Ingot[edit]

The Frozen Hearth

Travel out to Winterhold. Find the inn, The Frozen Hearth, across from the Jarl's Longhouse.

Wylandriah's Satchel

Once inside the inn, head for the shelving opposite the entrance. On one of them you will find the satchel with the Orichalcum Ingot inside it.