Knifepoint Mine is a dungeon in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Knifepoint Mine is a dungeon in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

There are a lot of Corundum Ore Veins throughout this mine. The whole mine can only be accessed during and after Boethiah's Calling.


To the Southwest of Windhelm.


Head inside the mine. Go a bit down the slope leading deeper into the mine. Ahead of you is a Bandit. Pick them off with an arrow and then slip down the rest of the slope. You can get at the chest they were next to easily. To the right you can find a cell with a dead Imperial, with a pickaxe and Iron Ore Vein inside it. The door is an Expert Level lock. You can find 2 more Iron Ore Veins in this room as well. When you ready to move on turn to the East and head down the slope.

This next room has a bandit tucked away to the left of where you come in. This makes it very important to be sneaking to get the drop on him. Get to the bottom of the slope and look in the gap in the nearby boxes. You will see them working at the Alchemy Lab. Pick them off quickly. Turn to the East again. You will see 2-4 more Bandits in the next room. You can also find your target: Champion of Boethiah.

Head down the slope quietly. You will find a bandit mining the wall. Either pick them off with an arrow or two or sneak up behind them for a sneak attack. To the right you will find the main room of this mine. The Champion will be patrolling around. There is a chance that the poisonous aura will cause the other Bandits to attack the champion. They can cause him to go to a knee, but they will not kill him. Pick them off and then take out the Champion when the chance presents itself.

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