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Swindler's Den is a dungeon in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Swindler's Den is a location in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It is a cave to the west of Whiterun.

You get to this cave in the quest In My Time of Need after learning from the Alik'r Prisoner that Kematu is hiding in this location[1].

You come here to kill Kematu, but Kematu instead wants you to help him capture Saadia.


Whiterun Hold


Outside the Den you will find a flag flying and at least 1 Bandit waiting as guard. Defeat them. To the left of the entrance of the Den is a Sleeping Roll you can use. To the right of it you can find 4 helmets: Iron Helmet, Imperial Light Helmet, Hide Helmet and Steel Helmet

Head down the entry way. You will encounter a pair of Bandits who are discussing the current events. You can find a number of things inside this room after you have dealt with those Bandits. There are 2 clusters of White Caps to be found in one corner of the room. Opposite that, on a raised area, is a chest you can loot.

Go to the East to get into the next room. You will find another pair of Bandits patrolling around in here. Pick them off or just fight them both at once. In this room you can get some Charred Skeever Hide, there are a few Bed Rolls you can rest in as well. If you look around the fire pit you will find some Firewood and a Woodcutter's Axe. Go to the left from there to find a crate with a satchel and a stamina potion on it. Now head deeper into the den.

In the next room there are at least 5 Bandits you will need to deal with. There are 4 on the lower level, most of them melee with at least one using a bow. On the ledge above them you have a mage bandit who will be firing off Shock spells against you. Fight from the hallway leading in if you are having a lot of trouble. Take a little time to search the room when you can. You can find a bit of food scattered around the middle of the room. You can also find a Deer Hide sitting near the entrance to the upper portion of this room. Head on through the opening to the North to continue moving forward.

There will be either 1 or 2 Bandits to deal with in this part of the room. Again, use the entrance to bottle neck them and make the fight a bit easier. When you have dealt with them, there are a few things of note here. There are more bed rolls for you to rest on. On one of the bed rolls is the skill book: Thief. Read it if you haven't yet for the boost. There is also a Deer Hide on the table nearby with a chest next to it. Loot them both then turn to the West . Just to the left of the passage out of this room is a box on a rock shelf. Look inside to find some Refined Malachite and a Silver Ingot. Now sneak out that way. You will be on the ledge above the area you were in earlier. There is the Mage bandit to deal with now. Just charge in or pick him out from cover. Defeat him and look on the platform to the North. You will find another Deer Hide. Grab it then turn to the South and through the next passage. Be careful entering this area as there are 2 bear traps sitting on the ground.

In the water-filled back room you will find Kematu and his 6 Alik'r Warriors. All of them are equipped with Scimitars. Kematu is the only one is equipped with 2 Scimitars. If you are in the final stages of In My Time of Need then you will hear the warriors be called off (even if you are in werewolf form). Kematu will ask you to talk with him. Otherwise, you will just need to fight through them all. Either way, there is a large chest at the top of the ramp beyond the waterfall on the right-hand side. Loot it as it is a boss chest.

If you opt to side with Saadi, or are just passing through, then Kematu and Alik'r Warriors attack. It helps a lot to use the spell Mayhem or just be ready to take on a lot of opponents at once. Back up into the corridor you came through it a good idea. If you can transform in a Werewolf or Vampire, that will help a good amount with the boosts.

Either way, head down the passage at the top of the ramp. Along the way, look on the right-hand wall to find a Iron Ore Vein. Mine it and then you are done with the area. Just head outside, to the left from where you drop down.

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