The Heist Job in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

“The Heist Job” is a Thieves' Guild Faction Quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Markarth Riften Solitude Whiterun Windhelm
Arnlief and Sons Trading Company The Bee and Barb Angeline's Aromatics Arcadia's Cauldron Candlehearth Hall
The Hag's Cure Elgrim's Elixirs Bits and Pieces The Bannered Mare East Empire Company
Markarth Stables Pawned Prawn Fletcher Belethor's General Goods New Gnisis Cornerclub
Silver-Blood Inn Riften Stables Radiant Raiment The Drunken Huntsman Sadri's Used Wares
The Scorched Hammer Solitude Stables Warmaiden's The White Phial
The Winking Skeever Whiterun Stables Windhelm Stables


Vex will offer you the Heist Jobs. To encourage merchants to accept their protection, they will send you to steal some goods from their store.

The item will be a randomly selected from various Gems and Jewelry. It will be found in the store's strongbox. You will also find some gold in the Strongbox as well. Take it to supplement your income.

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