Distribute Sadri's Sujamma in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn.

“Distribute Sadri's Sujamma” is a Misc quest in Skyrim - Dragonborn




Spend some time in Retching Netch and talk with Geldis Sadri. He will offer you 10 samples of Sadri's Sujamma.

Most of the inhabitants of Raven Rock will be interested in the having a drink. Below is a table to show who will accept the drinks and who will not. Try to complete this miscellanous quest before you start Served Cold (because you will need to kill Tilisu, Vendil and Mirri during it). You can wait 6 hours in town and offer the same person another drink if you have trouble finding all the people.

NPC Accepts Drink?
Adril Arano No
Aphia Velothi Yes
Bralsa Drel Yes
Cindiri Arano Yes
Crescius Caerellius Yes
Dreyla Relvi No
Fethis Alor Yes
Galdrus Hlervu No
Garyn Ienth Yes
Gjalund Salt-Sage Yes
Glover Mallory Yes
Ralis Sedarys No
Lleril Morvayn Yes
Milore Ienth Yes
Mirri Severin Yes
Mogrul No
Rirns Llervu No
Tilisu Severin Yes
Vendil Severin No