Arriving at Raven Rock in the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC

Dragonborn is the first story quest in Skyrim: Dragonborn.

Starting Location[edit]

Head to any major city such as Riften or Whiterun

Quest Type[edit]

Main Quest

Quest Giver[edit]

Cultists of Miraak


Cultists of Miraak

Gjalund Salt-Sage

Adril Arano


How to Start[edit]

You will be approached by a Cultist of Miraak


Why are these cultists claiming you are a False Dragonborn? Who sent them to kill you?

I've been attacked by a group of cultists. I need to see if they have any evidence of what prompted this assault.

I've been attacked by a group of people claiming to work for someone named Miraak. I need to find out why they are trying to kill me, and so I should look for the boat in Windhelm they used to travel from Solstheim.


Find out who sent the Cultists

Read Cultists' Orders

Travel to Solstheim

Search for information about Miraak

Investigate the shrine

Reach the Temple of Miraak


Go to any main town, for example Whiterum, Riften, or Solitude

Walk around until approached by a Cultist of Miraak

Talk to, then kill the Cultists of Miraak

Loot their bodies for orders. You will find Cultists' Orders

Read the Cultists' Orders. The clue leads you to Windhelm

Go to Windhelm and to the docks there and talk to Gjalund Salt-Sage

Convince him (bribing works) to take you to Raven Rock (Solstheim)

When you get there, speak with Adril Arano in the docks

Then head to the Earth Stone Shrine and activate the Earth Stone

Speak with Neloth near the stone then travel northeast to the Temple of Miraak

Go to the marker in the center of the temple and it will complete the quest

Next Quest[edit]

The Temple of Miraak

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