Frykte Peak
Frykte Peak

Frykte Peak is a Location in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn




Frykte Peak is one of the highest peaks in Solstheim, nearby Saering's Watch.

Getting up here is difficult. You can manage with a Horse or careful jumping, but the easiest method is going to be using Summon Arvak shout.

You start this trek between Saering's Watch and Hrothmund's Barrow. Head to the East and find the beginning of the slope toward the Northern peak in front of you.

Frykte Peak

When you reach the top of the ridge, turn to the West and make your way toward the peak itself. Jump carefully to the West and make your way up to the peak. To reach the top you will need to move back and forth to jump upwards to reach it.

Frykte Peak

Remember to save once in a while on the trek. Jump carefully to reach the peak.

Frykte Peak

Once at the peak, enjoy the view. This is one of the highest point of the Island.

Frykte Peak

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