Hrodulfs House in the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC

Hrodulf's House is a location in Skyrim: Dragonborn

Where is Hrodulf's house[edit]

Hrodulf's Home is located between the Old Attius Farm and Fort Frostmoth

(Another way to look at it: It's Southeast of Raven Rock and Northeast of the Wreck of the Strident Squall)

See map at bottom of this page to help you find Hrodulf's House.

Who lives in Hrodulf's House[edit]

Hrodulf used to live here, but he is now dead .


Ash Spawn

Mineable Veins[edit]

Heart Stone Deposit

What is in Hrodulf's House[edit]


Look for a Trapdoor that leads you to a large Dwemer underground house (which is the actual house). See the screenshots below to help find the basement door leading to a Secret Underground Area:





After going down the trap door , there is yet another secret zone that can be found underneath, by interacting with the Bookshelf. This reveals a Secret Door with a Secret Tunnel behind it.

See pictures below if you need help finding the secret entry behind the Bookcase and the Secret Passage in the Hroldulf House:




Beneath Hrodulf's House there is a chest with some items

Hrodulf's Journal[edit]

Also in the Underground Secret Area there is Hrodulf's Body which you can loot for a book called Hrodulf's Journal


When asked what you can do for the Skaal people, Fanari Strong-Voice of the Skaal village tells you that bandits from Hrodulf's House have been raiding the town for supplies at night. She asks that you kill their leader.




Skyrim Hrodulf's House secret door