Skyrim Dragonborn: Hrodulf's House

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Hrodulfs House in the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC

Hrodulf's House is a location in Skyrim: Dragonborn


[edit] Where is Hrodulf's house

Hrodulf's Home is located between the Old Attius Farm and Fort Frostmoth

(Another way to look at it: It's Southeast of Raven Rock and Northeast of the Wreck of the Strident Squall)

See map at bottom of this page to help you find Hrodulf's House.

[edit] Who lives in Hrodulf's House

Hrodulf used to live here, but he is now dead .

[edit] Enemies

Ash Spawn

[edit] Mineable Veins

Heart Stone Deposit

[edit] What is in Hrodulf's House

[edit] Trapdoor

Look for a Trapdoor that leads you to a large Dwemer underground house (which is the actual house). See the screenshots below to help find the basement door leading to a Secret Underground Area:




[edit] Bookshelf

After going down the trap door , there is yet another secret zone that can be found underneath, by interacting with the Bookshelf. This reveals a Secret Door with a Secret Tunnel behind it.

See pictures below if you need help finding the secret entry behind the Bookcase and the Secret Passage in the Hroldulf House:



[edit] Items

Beneath Hrodulf's House there is a chest with some items

[edit] Hrodulf's Journal

Also in the Underground Secret Area there is Hrodulf's Body which you can loot for a book called Hrodulf's Journal

[edit] Quests

-When asked what you can do for the Skaal people, Fanari Strong-Voice of the Skaal village tells you that bandits from Hrodulf's House have been raiding the town for supplies at night. She asks that you kill their leader.

[edit] Map


[edit] Video

Skyrim Hrodulf's House secret door

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