Skyrim Dragonborn: Hrodulf's Journal

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Hrodulfs Journal is located underneath Hrodulfs House in the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC

Hrodulf's Journal is a book in Skyrim: Dragonborn


[edit] Contents

(Book Start)

Hrodulf's Journal

Written by: Hrodulf

[edit] 1

I've arrived in Solstheim, and moved into an old house on the hill by the shore. Whoever lived here before is long gone.

[edit] 2

I can see well out into the waters from my vantage here, and can hear all things behind and around. Dunmer bandits wander the woods at night, but I don't fear them.

[edit] 5

There is a calling from the depths, a rumble drone that sings to me at night. I've started sleeping in the basement + keeping a knife near. The call is loudest down here. I will to be ready for whatever is coming...

[edit] 6

It is as if a great machine reverberates beneath me

[edit] 10

I tire of waiting for the caller underneath to emerge i walked to town. Bought some digging tools: shovel, shovel, pick. I started to break down the wall behind the bookshelf and dig down slow going. I put the bookshelf back when i finish digging why? no house guests here but I feel I have something to hide

[edit] 13

How can i make bjorn hear what I have heard? I must not lose him yet i must remain in this place for I know I will know the truth soon

[edit] 23

The murmurer in the earth and I we talk I lay my head against the dirt

[edit] 51

Fire from the deep

(Book End)

[edit] Location of Hrodulf's Journal

In Hrodulf's House, in a hidden secret area underneath the home

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